These Are the GSP Instagram Pages You WANT to Follow

Just like there are many dog breeds out there, so are there many German Shorthair Pointer Instagram pages to follow. But which ones are the best GSP Instagram pages? There are definitely accounts you shouldn’t follow if you want to learn more about this breed. Find out what GSP Instagram pages you should be following though in this article. If you are brand new to your GSP, check out our GSP Survival Guide here.

The Best GSP Instagram Accounts To Follow

There are so many great Instagram pages with German Shorthair Pointer dogs. So many beautiful pictures are shared daily and I wanted to share my personal favorites. I created this blog post to help anyone who wants to learn more about the German Shorthair Pointer dog. All these Instagram accounts also contribute making a positive impact on the community of GSPs.

GSP Owners

I wouldn’t be doing my job if i didn’t add our sites page! It’s new and small as of now (Feb 2021) but we will be beefing it up this 2021 season and would love to chat with you on their and share your photos as well!

Check us out on Instagram here!

GSP Of The Day

The Number 1 GSP related Instagram Page with over 180,000 followers! This page features all things GSP’s with an emphasis on GSP’s being silly or the adorable GSP puppy pics you just cant get enough of!

Check out GSP Of The Day on Instagram here!

GSP Corner

Another fun GSP page that features all things GSP with over 75,000 followers that keep the comment section fun!

Check out GSP Corner on Instagram here!

German Short Haired Pointer World

A great GSP feed page with over 35,000 followers that carries great engagement rates and features GSP’s of all shapes, sizes and colors!

Check out GermanShorthairedpointerworld on Instagram here!

GSP Daily

This page has over 50,000 followers and a really high engagement rate. Featuring your favorite daily dose of GSP cuteness, this page is one you want to follow!

Check out GSP Daily on Instagram here!

Official GSP Fan Page

This page has around 20,000 followers and carries the self proclaimed title of being the “official” GSP Fan Page. Im not sure what makes it official, but I do know that it has tons of great GSP content.

Check out the Official GSP Fan Page on Instagram here!

German Shorthair Pointer Accessories You WILL WANT

**A purchase through our links may earn us a small commission though Amazon. We appreciate it!

Once they get a toy, they are driven to use it, and if you get a cheap toy, it will be gone and most likely swallowed before you know it. Due to this, we have gone to the moon and back finding the best toys for a GSP that last, and so far, these are the ones that work best:

  1. BullyMake: A series of Chew Toys for Power Chewers. These are tough toys for tough chewers!
  2. Tough Dog: A brand thats marketed as Indestructible Durable Dog Toys and they live up to their name!
  3. VANFINE Dog Squeaky Toys: Marketed as Almost Indestructible Tough Durable Dog Toys, we have found these to stand the test of time!
  4. Snoozer Luxury Cove Cave Dog Bed is the BEST for GSP’s. Because they love to snuggle so much, having a dog bed that they can snuggle into works great for a GSP. They love being covered up and feeling cozy in their bed!


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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