Can a German Shorthaired Pointer Kill a Coyote?

Perhaps you have been wondering about the following question. Can a german shorthaired pointer kill a coyote?

The answer is indeed, yes, this type of breed of dog can most assuredly kill a coyote. But, it’s also very dangerous and has many concerns you should be aware of.

Let’s look at some more in-depth information on this for you here, as well as some precautions you should know before your pup becomes tangled up with a coyote.


Can A GSP Kill A Coyote?

Yes, a GSP can kill a coyote, however it is a dangerous interaction that can hurt or kill your beloved German Shorthair in the fight. But, to put the rumors to rest, here is a video of a GSP literally killing a coyote. To be fair, this coyote may have been either an adolescent or injured as it didn’t do much to fight back.

Their Nature Is To Hunt

German shorthaired pointers are designed with a nature that loves to hunt as much as possible. That is why if there is a coyote that is in the area that seems to be posing somewhat of a threat, then a German shorthaired pointer will not mind taking on the challenge of hunting the coyote with the desire to completely kill it.

These dogs are brave and love the challenge of being able to hunt fearlessly whenever the opportunity arises. That is why there are reports of German shorthaired pointers sometimes killing coyotes. Therefore, yes, these dogs do kill coyotes sometimes if they are in a strong hunting mood or if they sense that the coyote is posing a risk of threat.

Their Nature Is To Protect

Also, it is highly noted that the nature of the German shorthaired pointer is to protect those whom it loves. Though this dog loves to hunt, it also does show a deep loyalty and care toward those who are its family.

That means that as soon as you bring one of these dogs home, your dog will become so loyal to you that it will be noticed immediately. Therefore, when this breed of dog senses that a coyote may be a possible sort of danger to the family, the dog will attack the coyote with the end purpose of killing the coyote. As a result, some coyotes have been killed by German shorthaired pointers.

They Are Strong

It cannot be denied that coyotes are strong and that they could easily demolish some breeds of smaller dogs. But the German shorthaired pointer is recognized as being a truly strong dog. The dog has a lot of strength, which will allow the dog to engage in hunting for a long period of time.

That means that if the struggle with the coyote takes quite a bit of time, the dog will stay with the hunting of the coyote until the coyote is dead. The German shorthaired pointer will not back down in the fight and will not fear to use all its strength to achieve the victory, which means killing the coyote to ensure the protection of its family.

They Have A Great Level Of Speed

While it is recognized that a coyote has a sensational level of speed and can travel many miles in a day, the reality is that a speedy coyote may not always be able to escape being captured and killed by a German shorthaired pointer.

This is based on the fact that the German shorthaired pointer dog has a high level of speed as well. This characteristic contributes to this type of dog being an excellent hunter. With this being the case, the German shorthaired pointer seems to love the challenge of keeping up with the speed of the coyote, which in many cases results in the dog being able to finally capture the coyote and kill it.

They Are Well Aware Of What Is Happening

The German shorthaired pointer does not take a lazy approach to letting things pass it by. This dog demonstrates a high level of awareness of what is happening at all times. That is why it will be aware when there is a coyote approaching.

Due to this reality, the German shorthaired pointer will be ready to hunt the coyote instantly, since this dog possesses a nature that is amazingly designed to hunt and protect. This then leads to the German shorthaired pointer being successful in capturing and killing the coyote that has approached the area.

They Keep On Attacking Until The Coyote Dies

These dogs are highly determined to finish their hunting job. Though this type of dog loves chasing a coyote that goes at incredibly high speeds, the German shorthaired pointer does not just want to have a good game of chase with a wild coyote.

When a German shorthaired pointer chases a coyote, the dog is actually intending to hunt the coyote with the goal of capturing and killing it. This breed of dog has the determination to see all hunting jobs through to completion, which is why this breed of dog is able to kill a coyote.

Be Mindful Of The Dangers

It is important to realize that there are some possible dangers that your German shorthaired pointer could face when it engages in the hunting of a coyote with the intention of killing the coyote. Thus, we mention some of those dangers here for your consideration.

Your GSP Could Get Bitten

If your German shorthaired pointer sets out on a hunting expedition with the goal of killing a coyote that is approaching the area, your dog could get bitten by the coyote.

This is because the coyote is not a passive animal. The coyote is indeed a great hunter and will not easily give in to being attacked, though your dog may kill it. The coyote will put up a rough fight and will resort to biting your dog in many instances.

Your GSP Could Get Injured or Killed

Coyotes are not passive, cuddly animals. They are wild, fierce and aggressive. They put forth a rugged fight against their attackers. Your dog will be attacking a coyote during the hunting process. This is why the coyote will put up a rough fight. Yes, your dog will be battling hard and could get injured. Your German shorthaired pointer could lose a lot of blood, the dog could have a broken leg, there could be a large wound, etc.

Your GSP Could Get Attacked By A Pack.

When you see a coyote, often the reality is that a pack of coyotes is usually not far behind. Thus, if your dog begins to attack a coyote, a pack of coyotes could easily and quickly sneak up on your dog. Your

German shorthaired pointer could be severely attacked by the pack of coyotes, which could result in many wounds, injuries and a severe loss of blood. The unfortunate reality is that when a dog is severely attacked by a pack of coyotes, it could die.

Your GSP Could Be Exposed To Diseases, Such As Rabies.

If your dog decides to hunt and kill a coyote, the German shorthaired pointer could indeed be victorious in killing the coyote. But the downside is that your dog could be exposed to some diseases from the coyotes. Your dog could contract rabies.

This is why it is advised to have your German shorthaired pointer examined by a veterinarian if your dog has engaged in killing a coyote.

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