Can You Have A German Shorthaired Pointer In an Apartment? (Solved)

As an owner of two German Shorthair Pointers who has had to have my GSP’s in an apartment from time to time, I learned a few things about this living arrangement that you should know about before you decide to get a GSP while living in an apartment. 


The German Shorthaired Pointer is a versatile hunting dog with a high energy level. In addition, she is intelligent, friendly, obedient, and attached to a human.

With the right upbringing and creating suitable living conditions, this dog becomes an ideal companion.

But due to the fact that during breeding more attention was paid to working qualities, it is almost impossible to turn GPS into a room pet.

This dog is not suitable for everyone, it requires serious education and increased physical exercise. Therefore, before starting this breed, you need to study its characteristics and all the pros and cons.

What Are The Characteristics of The German Shorthaired Pointer?

These dogs are very kind, companionable, there is not an ounce of aggression in them.

When our first dog died, we were very worried. But since our family is very fond of animals, my father decided that we still need a dog. And a year later, Elsa appeared in our family.

The dog was 1.5 years old when her former owner died, and they were looking for a family for Elsa, where they would take care of the dog and satisfy its needs (hunting, active lifestyle, etc.).

Elsa makes us very happy, she is completely problem-free in terms of behavior. When hunting, GSPs work closely with humans and it is very important that the dog is human-oriented and controlled.

After all, if she uncontrollably chases the bird, she may get shot. Therefore, it is important to train your dog. The better the human contact, the better the dog will perform in the field.

From My Experience: Elsa is very human-oriented, she has good contact both with me and with my father. If you tell her “to the left” – she goes to the left, she runs up to the call instantly.

There was never such a thing that the dog ran away, and it was impossible to call her. Moreover, they are quite independent.

How does GSP behave in an apartment?

Quick Answer: Yes, you can have a GSP while living in an apartment. Following the advice below will help you understand how to manage the energy, exercise and how to make the small space work for the both of you!

With proper walking, our dog is problem-free in the apartment: she does not have any destructive behavior. She does not harm, does not spoil things, and, in general, behaves quieter than water, and below the grass.

If the dog has the opportunity to run outside, it will find a quiet place at home and sleep.

From Personal Experience: A good walk is at least 1 hour in the morning and 1 hour in the evening. It’s great if there is an opportunity to walk more.

German Shorthaired Pointers are active dogs, Elsa is ready to run forever, and it is almost always not enough for her. True, with age, she calmed down a little.

I have already had two dogs. I can say that by deciding to provide such a dog with its own corner in the house, the owners can not be afraid of intense shedding and hair on furniture and clothes, since this animal has short, smooth fur.

Of course, shedding periods are inevitable, but the number of short, coarse hairs in this dog will be minimal.

The pet must know his place in the family and understand that the owner is a kind of “leader” in the house, whose commands he must follow.

From an early age, we teach the dog to follow certain rules: sleep and eat in a strictly designated place, do not jump on furniture, and calmly react to other animals in the house and guests.

It is important to form the correct regimen in the dog, in which time must be taken for a walk, playing, training, and performing new tasks.

However, I do not recommend keeping your dog locked up and alone for a long time. This will lead to the anger of the pet, excessive aggression, cowardice, and a violent surge of energy in the house, as a result of which furniture, walls, things can be damaged.

If you doubt that you can have a German Shorthaired Pointer in an apartment you should understand that this is a more painstaking and time-consuming activity than living a dog of this breed on the street.

Therefore, if the future owner does not have the opportunity to provide the pet with all the necessary conditions, it is better to refuse to purchase this dog. This dog should never feel bored because it can lead to destructive behavior.

Tips On Owning A GSP

Although the German Shorthaired Pointer is a hardy, unpretentious animal that has been used for hunting in the field for several hundred years, it will have to be properly cared for at home.

For me, this requires effort and financial investment. I have taught the dog hygienic procedures since her childhood.

Still, as a puppy, the pet must endure all procedures with firmness, not get nervous and not worry during their implementation, considering it a familiar ritual.

First of all, grooming will consist of cleaning the fur and keeping it in good condition. GSP does not need frequent bathing, it is enough to wash it only if the fur is heavily soiled.

The rest of the time, hygiene procedures are reduced to washing the paws after walking, cleaning the ears and eyes.

In the summer, the dog can be washed more often, home bathing in the warm season will replace swimming in open water, which will bring her great pleasure.

Grooming also includes clipping the nails (once a month), weekly combing the hair with a special brush, making up the correct diet, daily exercise with physical activity, and timely vaccination.

I also vaccinated my dog when the puppy was two months old. The first vaccinations are needed to protect against distemper, hepatitis, enteritis, rabies. Vaccination helps to develop immunity in the animal against serious canine diseases.

However, one vaccination is not enough for this, it is necessary to affix a complex of vaccinations during the year, observing the intervals.

So, from 4 to 5 months, the puppy has a change of teeth, so you should refrain from vaccination. You can not vaccinate a weakened, unwell, and even more sick dog.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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