What To Expect From A GSP Puppy: Owner Experiences

Getting a new GSP puppy is exciting! However, before you pick out your next pup, here are some things to keep in mind about owning a GSP Puppy and what to expect with the German Shorthair Breed.


Predicted Characteristics of GSPs 

Before taking on the responsibility of a new dog, it is always a good idea to research the breed as much as possible. Sometimes, people and dogs are not compatible it this often leads to dogs ending up in a shelter after a few months. So, make sure you can handle a GSP before you commit to the idea. 

With the uncertainty of the true heritage of a GSP, there might be slight variations (if any at all) between GSPs of different coat colors. However, here’s what it could be like to live with a GSP. 

GSP Temperament

GSPs are affectionate, intelligent, and playful dogs which makes them great additions to families with kids. The breed will need training from a young age, but it should not be too hard as they are eager to please with the right incentive; they love treats! While they are great with other dogs, the family cat might be a different story. 

Remember that GSPs are in the Sporting group, and this might present specific problems like chasing small animals like bunnies at the park or the neighborhood cats. You’ll have to address their high prey drive with training to desensitize their chase instinct from a young age. 

Barking should not drive you crazy, but they have a protective nature that would compel them to let you know when they feel like a situation or person is a little sketchy for their liking. 

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GSP Social Needs

The GSP is a social dog that loves to interact with humans and dogs alike. They’ll surely enjoy a big or active household that is fond of exploring the outdoors. However, the breed is also very adaptable and can fair just as well with smaller families. 

This breed loves to be around their family all the time and can be considered somewhat of a Velcro dog. So, your GSP might follow you from room to room and not be too happy when you leave them alone for long periods, so it might make sense to have two pups to keep each other entertained. 

GSP Exercise And Grooming Needs

This breed is loaded with energy; combined with their intelligence, you should take care to avoid the onset of boredom. If you have children, give them a tennis ball and put the lot of them outside. They’ll likely play fetch until either kid or dog is sprawled out on the grass. 

If you don’t have kids to burn off all that pent-up energy, your GSP would love to run free on the beach and perhaps even take a dive or two. This breed is a natural athlete and needs a lot of mental and physical stimulation.  

GSPs shed plenty, so make sure you give him a proper once-over with a brush every couple of days. They’ll need an occasional bath, but there is no need to provide them with regular baths unless they are soiled. However, make sure their ears are clean and their nails are trimmed short. 

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Be Careful Of Dubious GSP Breeders

If you recall, we touched on the topic of linage and how it can affect your GSP’s overall health. Dr. Wooten pointed out that the more popular a breed is, the greater risk for irresponsible breeding techniques for the sake of money. 

Breeders who register their GSPs with AKC can provide potential owners with a complete medical history and lineage of their puppies; this means that you’ll be assured that you have a disease-free dog. 

Potential owners should be very wary of breeders who list lemon GSP puppies as purebred dogs. Since the AKC doesn’t see lemon as a standard GSP color, there is no way that the dog can be considered a true purebred. It might not be a big problem if the dogs are healthy, but don’t be fooled into paying the full price.

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Loving a GSP comes easy, they are cute, affectionate, and loyal till the end. But, with all good things come some serious considerations to take in before you get your GSP puppy. Hopefully, this was helpful in letting you know what to expect from owning a GSP puppy!


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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