How to Remove Dog Crate Odor: 5 Simple Tips

Ever notice a funky smell emitting from your puppy’s crate? Well, I have too and it became a bit of an obsession to figure out ways to eliminate the odor from the crate.

So, fortunately, I learned a few tips along the way that should help you too when it comes to removing a bad odor from your dog crate.


We love our cute doggo’s,  but, however cuddly and cute they may seem, dogs can also be very stubborn and difficult to train. 

They have a strong sense of independence and will not always listen to you. This is why you must know how to remove dog crate odor from your home or office.

If you want to keep your dog happy and healthy, you need to ensure that he has the right environment to live in. 

A good place for him to stay should be clean and free from any odors. 

The smell of his urine and feces is one of the most common smells dogs create when they urinate or defecate. It is therefore essential that you learn how to get rid of this unpleasant smell.

This article will teach you how to remove dog crate odor from your house. You will find out what causes this problem and how to solve it.

What Causes Dog Crate Odor?

There are many reasons why your dog’s crate might produce an unpleasant smell. 

From typical culprits like washing your dog every now and then to food allergies and potty accidents. So, let’s look into ways your dog’s crate smells bad. 

Some of these include:

  • Your pup needs a bath. Seems like the first obvious point, but just in case, give your dog a bath as a starting point. 
  • Your dog crate bedding needs a wash. Just like your bed, your dog’s bed needs a visit to the laundry room from time to time as well. 
  • Your dog rolled in an unpleasant smell and brought it into the crate with them. My GSP has literally rolled around in dead animals for reasons unknown to me. But, it didn’t smell good!
  • Your pup ate something that didn’t sit well with them and they might have had an accident holding their bowels or urine. 
  • Your dog just isn’t fully potty trained and had an accident. Although, the feces smell is pretty potent and you will likely know fast if that’s the case. 

These are just some starting points to consider when looking for the foul smell. But, as you can see, there are several ways this happens. 

Why should you keep your dog crate clean?

Well, just like you, your dog doesn’t want to sleep in filth. They might not complain, but it’s not good for them. 

You must keep your dog crate clean because it helps prevent your dog from getting sick. 

Dogs who do not have access to clean places where they can relieve themselves will often develop diarrhea. 

When your dog does not have access to a clean area to eliminate, he will begin to produce more waste. This means that he will start creating more odor. 

When your dog is kept in a dirty environment, he will also be exposed to diseases. 

Diseases like parvovirus, canine distemper virus, and ringworm are just some of the illnesses that your dog could contract if he is kept in a filthy environment.

How Can I Get Rid Of Dog Crate Odor?

You can use different methods to get rid of dog crate odor. There are several ways that you can try. Here are some of them:

Wash Your Dog!

I say that with emotion because it’s the quickest and fastest way to reduce dog odors in the crate, your car, or your couch. Start at the source!


Cleaning is probably the easiest way to get rid of dog crate odor. All you need to do is wash down the walls and floor of your dog’s crate regularly. 

Make sure that you use soap and water to clean up after your dog.

Laundry Day

Grab those doggo blankets and bedding and toss them into the wash. If you haven’t already, use a dog bed that can be washed or at least the cover removed and machine washable. 

Something like this is excellent and my GSP loves it because he can cuddle up in the pocket area. 

Using Air Fresheners

Air fresheners are great at removing dog crate odor. However, you must ensure that you only use those that contain no chemicals.

You should also avoid using scented products because they may irritate your dog’s skin. 


Vacuum cleaning is another method that you can use to get rid of dog crate odor. Vacuuming is effective because it removes dirt and dust particles from the surface of your dog’s crate.

Spraying Disinfectant

Another option that you can use to get rid of dog crate odor is by spraying disinfectant. 

Spray disinfectant directly onto the surfaces of your dog’s crate. 

Be careful when doing this because you don’t want to spray any disinfectant into your dog’s eyes. Definitely do this when the dog is not inside the crate 🙂

Drying Out The Crate

If you notice that your dog’s crate smells really bad, then you should consider drying it out. 

Drying out involves leaving your dog’s crate open for a few days so that the moisture evaporates. After a couple of days, you can close the door again.

This means that your dog will be able to stay inside without having to worry about smelling bad.


There are many deodorizers available in pet stores. These deodorizers work by absorbing odors and releasing fresh smelling air. 

They are usually made of activated charcoal or baking soda. If you choose to buy one of these deodorizers, make sure that you follow the instructions carefully. 

This product from Rocco & Roxie is a perfect example of what works great and look at all that feedback from happy customers!

Dog Crate Cleaning Tips

The first thing you need to know before you start cleaning your dog’s crate is that there are two types of crates – wire crates and plastic crates. 

The type of crate you purchase depends on what kind of training you plan to give your dog. 

It’s really a preference thing. 

The next step is to remove all the bedding material from your dog’s crate. 

You should take care of this task as soon as possible because it becomes difficult to dry once the bedding gets wet. It is best to put the bedding materials in a bag and throw them away.

Next, you should wipe down the walls and floors of your dog’s crate with a damp cloth. Use warm water and mild detergent to clean up. 

After you have cleaned the walls and floors of your dog’s crate, you should vacuum the entire interior of the crate. 

Make sure that you vacuum every corner of the crate. 


Dog crates are essential tools for most dog owners. They help keep your dog safe while he is sleeping. 

However, if you find that your dog has an unpleasant smell coming from his crate, then you should try some of the methods mentioned above.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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