Choosing a Harness For a German Shorthair Pointer: 3 Winners To Consider


Whether you have got yourself a new companion or trying to figure out better measures of training them to walk along with you, rather than pulling him ahead, a dog harness can be the one-stop solution for this.

Leashes and collars can be straining for your dog’s throat and neck. On the other hand, the best harness for the German Shorthaired Pointer can make a host of differences.

How to Select A New Harness For your pup

A dog harness is effective in doing away with problems like hacking or choking. It is also a good instrument for walking, hiking, or running with your loyal friend as it makes the activities enjoyable and much safer.

It’s important to consider some great options and the important factors to choose a suitable harness for your dog.

Temperment and Size of Your GSP

You should first take into account your dog’s breed, weight and also, temperament for determining the best harness for your companion.

The fittings of dog harnesses vary from one design to another. If it is very tight, then it can get too uncomfortable for your pup or if it’s too loose, then your dog will slip out.

Design of the Harness

When selecting the most suited design, factor in how hard and to what extent can your dog pull. Going for the wrong piece would make it easier for the doggo to pull around.

Some of the most common designs include a martingale collar, flat-buckle collar, body harness, and head halter.

If your dog is easy to control and well-behaved, having a harness with a handle or a clip would be good. But if it has a habit of pulling, then you must go for a clip on the front.

If you cannot decide which is the best option for your pooch, consider talking to the vet. Here we have listed the top 3 dog harness for all kinds of dogs, especially German shorthair pointers.

Carhartt Pet Harness

If you are looking for a harness that can keep your pup protected and warm while preparing them for a hunt, then the Carhartt pet harness is the right option for you.

It comes with a convenient and easy-to-grab handle that would assist you as you try to get your German shorthair pointer in and out of water.

Also, it comes with an extra shielding plate on the chest that offers additional protection for guarding against rocks and sticks.

You can get it in numerous sizes and styles. It also gives you clear instructions on how you should measure the chest size of your doggo.


  • Polyester stretch and thickly padded
  • Comes with a durable stretch liner
  • D-ring for fast attachment of the leash
  • Easy to grab handle holes
  • Provides comfortable fit and extra warmth
  • Equipped with back closures and adjustable hook and loop shoulder


  • Some user complaints regarding durability.

Ruffwear Multi-Use Sport Dog Harness

This is a secured and supportive multi-purpose dog harness constructed for aiding and maneuvering your pups over geographical obstacles.

It can also be used for working dogs as the thin and durable foam offers support without hampering the range of motion for the dog.

It also comes with a platform to attach signage and patches for hunting and working dogs. Since it comes with a 5 point adjustment, it creates a secured fit.

On the flip side, the padded belly and chest straps make the harness a comfortable fit. This support dog harness is suitable for amputee dogs, service dog handlers, and rescue dog programs.

Overall, it’s an awesome collar alternative that makes the dog harness suitable for scrambling, hiking, and a wide range of mobility assistance.


  • Foam-padded construction for extended wear
  • Lighter loop for attaching the beacon
  • Anatomical design for four-legged companions
  • Padded for long-lasting comfort
  • Dedicated area for signage and patches
  • Reinforced handles for safe handling
  • 5 points adjustment for a snug fit


  • May cause soreness after long-wearing

Noxgear Lighthound Reflective and Illuminated Dog Harness

If you are looking for a dog harness that will work equally well in the darkness of the outdoors, then this one is crafted for the purpose.

It is meticulously built so that your dog remains in sight at all places be it walks, parks or trails. It has all the color modes included in the design along with solid colors and multicolor flashing.

This harness is highly adjustable and you will not have to compromise the safety or comfort of your doggo.

You can slide it, clip, and adjust and the harness is good to go without any risk of chafing or rubbing.

The newly designed harness equipped with leash attachment makes it very easy to clip in and move. When you are done, you can easily unbuckle it.

It can be quickly slid over to the harness, dog collar, or jacket without interference.

Moreover, it is built with durable military-grade Condura fabric along with 3M reflective bias which can withstand all sorts of adventure in rolling or regular wear and tear.


  • Visible from any direction in the darkness
  • Different color illumination
  • Suitable for all weather and season
  • Made from military-grade fabric
  • Can be adjusted in the chest and neck
  • 12 hours rechargeable battery


  • Jack screws can be uncomfortable in the dog’s back

The Bottom Line

In essence, dog harnesses are known for offering better control over the dogs compared to dig collars.

Even though they cannot stop a pup from pulling, harnesses can make it easier to hold dogs back.

When you use these tools on dogs that have a habit of pulling, they can spread the force through a larger section of the body.

As a result, your pup is spared from the discomfort and damage to their windpipe and neck. This is especially true in the case of smaller breeds that are more susceptible to hurt when they try to pull very hard against the leash.

With the right harness, you can take your dog to a host of fun activities without any worries.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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