Gun Dog Brand Spotlight: Gunner Kennels

When it comes to looking after your dog and making sure they’re in the best kennel possible, nothing comes close to Gunner Kennels.

If your dog could talk, they’d thank you for purchasing them the best crate on the market right now.

Of course, it would help to understand a little more about the brand before you invest in them, and that’s what I’m here for!

I’ll run you through all the best bits of Gunner Kennels, including how they hold up in all types of weather and whether they’re airline approved.

From there, it’s up to you what your next move is (though if you value your dog’s comfort, you’ll want to purchase one ASAP).


The fact is, most GSP owners out there are traveling with their dogs. Whether that be hunting, shows, or having a working GSP, your pup will be traveling. Having a QUALITY kennel to travel with is important.

And THAT’S where Gunner Kennels come in.

Are Gunner Kennels Insulated?

Let’s start with one of the most important questions. Since we aim to take our dogs around with us while we’re on the move, it’s important to find something that’s insulated.

That way, we know they’re protected from the elements no matter what happens on the outside.

You’ll be happy to know that Gunner Kennels come with plenty of useful insulation properties that shield your dog from the inside.

There’s an extra layer of material between your dog and the outside world, which is something that a lot of other transportable kennels miss.

If it’s too cold outside, your dog will be kept warm. If it’s too hot, it will cool your dog down. It’s the perfect way to move your dog around.

Also, Gunner Kennels come with rubber feet that raise them above the ground. This is another step of insulation that most other kennel companies overlook.

The raised feet help to retain ambient temperatures for your dog. If the ground is frozen, the rubber feet will keep more heat inside the kennel.

Likewise, if the ground is too hot, the rubber feet will retain the cooler air for your dog to remain comfortable with.

Gunner Kennels In The Rain

There are plenty of Gunner Kennels that offer extra protection when it comes to facing down the elements.

Rain is kept at bay with a simple inclusion of a jacket. The jackets come with roll-down windows that help to prevent your dog from experiencing any of the harsh conditions in the outside world.

Even if you’re on the move, the jackets work wonders to keep your dog cool and calm.

They’ll barely even notice if the rain is falling outside the crate because they’ll be too distracted by the comfort inside it.

Trust me; if you were small enough to climb in, you’d understand what I mean.

Gunner Kennels In Hot Weather

Rain and wind aren’t the only problematic weather conditions for most kennel brands. Sometimes, hot weather is a nightmare to deal with, especially when it comes to dogs.

It’s all too common to hear those horrible stories about dogs suffering from heat exhaustion. Luckily, Gunner’s are the perfect kennels to prevent any heat-related issues with your best friend.

While it’s not encourageable to leave your dog in their Gunner Kennel unattended, you can certainly feel safe knowing that their comfort is maximized from within.

There’s plenty of ventilation and insulation within a Gunner Kennel.

Interestingly enough, dog owners in South Texas reported that the kennel kept their dogs cooler than any other crate they’ve ever owned in the Texas summer heat.

If Texans can swear by it, you can be assured that your dog will be safe no matter what weather you go through.

Come rain or shine; a Gunner Kennel offers the perfect comfort and protection. Honestly, I haven’t found anything that comes even remotely close.

Are Gunner Kennels Airline Approved?

Taking your dog across the country with you might be difficult with most kennels.

Luckily, most Gunner Kennels are airplane approved, making them the perfect choice for any across-country work cases you might have to take.

The durability that comes with the kennels is second-to-none, so you can trust that your dog is in good hands even if you leave it in the cabin.

The double-molded rotomolded plastic will prevent any damage from occurring to the crate while your dog is inside it.

On top of that, Gunner Kennel doors are designed to last. Usually, a dog will attempt to escape a crate based on the weakness of the door.

With a Gunner Kennel, your dog won’t even think about it because they’re built with bolstered strength that’s impossible to get through.

For those reasons, you can be sure to leave your Gunner Kennel wherever you need to on an airline flight.

You can sleep soundly knowing that no damage will come to it. So, not only is it airline approved, but its owner approved across hour-long flights as well.

The only thing that I would suggest, like anything you’re taking through an airline, is to make sure you declare it in the correct way.

While Gunner Kennels are airline-approved, it’s important you declare “live pet” depending on the airline you’re flying with.

That’s your basic responsibility as a pet owner, after all. Once you do that, you’ll be good to go with the rest of your flight.


You can’t go wrong with Gunner Kennels. Trust me, I’ve tried everything I can to find a single fault, but it’s just not possible.

Compared with everything else on the market, you’d be a fool not to get one. They’re built for longevity, and they’re designed with your pet’s comfort in mind.

While some other kennels offer a decent amount of protection, nothing comes close to what a Gunner Kennel can do for you.

I would recommend looking into them further to see which one works best for you. They come in a range of sizes and with a range of different functions.

Not everyone will need a rain jacket or a kennel equipped for hot weather since it entirely depends on the whereabouts of the country you live in.

Still, there are plenty of options to choose from, and you can work out which one works best for you.

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An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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