Best German Shorthair Pointer Training Books

What are the best German Shorthair Pointer training books? Below we have the answer. We have listed three of the best GSP training books that are highly insightful, well-written, and help train your dog. Some things you’ll discover are:

  • Tricks like sitting and rolling over.
  • Be better in a car.
  • Potty and obedience training.

1. The Complete Guide to German Shorthaired Pointers

The Complete Guide to German Shorthaired Pointers is well written and will provide information regarding the history of this breed of the dog as well as what kind of behavior that you can expect from this type of dog.

In addition, you will learn how to train your German Shorthaired Pointer.

You will find practical tips regarding how these dogs can be used in field work, tips for when you are traveling with your German Shorthaired Pointer as well as insights regarding the health care of your German shorthaired pointer.

You will learn more about the versatility of this amazing dog that is a tremendously powerful hunter. You will discover that this dog has its roots back in Germany.

You will find out more information regarding how this breed of dog has the distinctive capability of being able to spot animals and to indicate them to you in a quiet manner, so that you can hunt with ultimate success every time.

This book will provide more details regarding the excellent tracking power of this breed.

You will learn more about the speed and agility of this breed as well.

You will also gain valuable insights in regard to how this lively breed of dog requires lots of interaction from humans and how to integrate this type of dog as a loving companion into your own family.

2. The German Shorthaired Pointer: A Hunter’s Guide

The book will explain the reality of how German Shorthaired Pointers are more active than many other types of dogs and what you can do to make sure that your German Shorthaired Pointers have the kind of social interactions that they require.

The book is well written, as it provides valuable insights concerning how to provide German Shorthaired Pointers with access to the kind of beneficial exercise that is vigorous enough to burn off their high levels of energy to prevent them from becoming destructive and hyperactive in a negative manner.

When this type of dog does not have the right kind of exercise and interaction, it can become hyperactive and destructive.

But you can have the peace of mind that by implementing the practical tips in this terrific book, you will be able to train your German Shorthaired Pointer dog and you will know how to engage with your German Shorthaired Pointer dog on a regular basis in the right way.

You will indeed be able to gain the right knowledge that will empower you to help your dog adjust to your family and expectations when you are careful to take the time to implement the detailed information that is provided in this helpful book that is clear and easy to understand.

You will be truly well informed regarding the breed of German Shorthaired Pointer dogs when you read this fabulous book.

You will be able to understand if you should consider getting a German Shorthaired Pointer dog once you know more about this breed of dog through the facts and insights that are presented in this book that is proficient concerning this interesting breed of dog, as the book does really provide great details that are realistic and implementable.

You will be able to then know whether this type of canine will fit well with your household. You will be more aware of the types of training methods that this breed of dog will respond well to and which types of training methods are not appropriate for this type of breed.

As a result, you will have the right information that will make it possible to prevent or eradicate different types of undesirable behaviors that can arise from this breed of dog with the right training and reinforcement of the training in a positive manner.

Due to this breed of dog loving to hunt, you will find that this type of dog will be your faithful hunting companion when you implement the various hunting training techniques that are provided in this book as well.

3. German Shorthaired Pointers: Complete Pointing Dog Training and Hunting Guide

This book is written in a style that is easy to enjoy and understand. Therefore, this book is great for those who have developed a curiosity in regard to German Shorthaired Pointer dogs and for those who already have such a dog that they need to train.

This book provides the kind of information that you really need in order to make the experience of owning a dog like this suitable and sustainable for you and your family.

You will be able to know how to detect various health issues that this type of breed may experience and you will be able to know how to implement various techniques that will help to make this kind of dog into the kind of remarkable hunter that will make your hunting expeditions intriguingly awesome every time.

You will be exposed to the history of this type of breed of dog in this book. As well, you will be clearly informed concerning the typical problems in relation to behavior that can be experienced by this type of dog.

When you read this informative book, you will also be provided with various beneficial tips to prepare your home for this breed of dog that is active and full of energy.

You will know how to implement various training commands. Indeed, this book is highly valuable due to the fact that it mentions how you should introduce this breed of dog to your pets and children.

It cannot be denied that this book is one of the best German Shorthaired Pointer training books available on the market at this present time.

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GSP Items We Love

More info:

Carhartt Tradesman Leash: Every dog owner needs a good leash, and all leashes are NOT treated the same.

This Carhartt dog leash is very well made, and is durable enough to deal with a GSP’s strength (yes, pulling too). I’ve had cheap leashes in the past, they aren’t worth it, grab this instead.

Furhaven orthopedic and Memory Foam Bed: If you have a GSP, you know, they LOVE to lay around, cuddle and sleep (when they aren’t running circles around the living room and yard.

This dog bed is so great because GSP’s love to rest their head on “pillows” just like humans and this dog bed has a built-in “pillow” perimeter that my dog uses every day as a pillow. Hank loves this bed.

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainer: You know what sucks more than having your GSP run around the neighborhood or after a rabbit at your local park? Not having the ability to stop your GSP and recall them in an instant.

With the Sport Dog 425x, you have complete control for up to 500 yards (yes, 5 football fields end-to-end). Its battery lasts a LONG time, it’s sleek, lightweight and your pup won’t ever be out of your control with it on.

WEST PAW Zogoflex Qwizl Dog Puzzle Treat Toy: Our GSP’s love to play, even when we may not have the energy to entertain them ourselves. Maybe it’s work, maybe it’s the end of a long day, who knows.

But, all you need to do is give this Kong to your GSP and they will entertain themselves for quite a while, while you finally get some rest. Hank has had this for years now and it’s still kickin!

GSP German Shorthaired Pointer Hat: Represent your GSP pride with this great trucker, snapback style German Shorthaired Pointer ball cap. It’s got a modern look but also shows others your favorite dog breed.

The best part? The glances and smiles from those who also have a GSP, it’s always a conversation starter!

Kurgo Baxter Backpack for Dogs, Saddlebag Back Pack Harness: I don’t know about you, but my GSP loves to adventure with us out here in Colorado. That means hiking, mountain biking, and camping all year.

Our GSP sees this saddle bag break out and he can’t stop wiggling his butt knowing where are headed outdoors.

Toss in the car keys, a snack bar and some kibble, you are on your way to outdoor fun with your pup!

URPOWER Dog Seat Cover Car Seat Cover: Ok, this is last but it is the MOST beneficial item you will get. Don’t, believe me, Take a road trip with your GSP in the back seat. Once you arrive, you will have GSP shedding hair all over your back sweat.

This slick hammock-style seat cover creates a waterproof barrier between your lovely truck’s interior and your GSP’s shedding hair.

Hunting and having a wet GSP? No Problem! Did your GSP decide to chase a goose into the lake? No big deal! This seat cover is a lifesaver.


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