How Far Can GSP Puppies Walk?

Starting the day with a morning walk with your new pup sounds delightful. They are energetic little beings that need a lot of activity, but sometimes we overdo it, forgetting how puppies cannot walk as much as we do. 

Giving your puppy the correct amount of exercise should be your top priority. In this article, we will be discussing the activities and training required by a German Shorthaired Pointer puppy, including a few other questions and a lot more.

  • How far can I walk my GSP puppy?
  • How much daily exercise does one GSP puppy need?
  • Can I take my GSP puppy on runs?
  • How do I work out with my GSP puppy?

A GSP pup needs about 10-25 minutes of exercise regularly. You can do this 4-5 times regularly to maintain your puppy’s health and keep hyperactivity at bay. A few short walks can be taken for potty training, and longer walks will do the trick if you want to unwind both you and the pup.

How far can I walk my GSP puppy?

To know how far you can take a GSP puppy on walks, you must know their age range. An 8-9 week old needs a welcoming environment and must engage in more socializing.

You can take your pup to the supermarket, the park, or to meet a friend. This means you mustn’t overdo it; take it on an average of 200-meter walks until it gets the hang of it.

Begin training it to potty whenever you go on these walks and introduce it to basic commands like recognizing its name and the meaning of the word ‘no.’

Once your puppy turns 4 months old, and you’ve gotten through the potty training drama, you can easily take it on regular walks and runs more frequently. Be careful not to overdo it. Finding a good balance between short and long walks is essential. 

How much daily exercise does one GSP puppy need?

If you overwork yourself, you may feel tired and agitated; the same goes for puppies. If you think walking them excessively will tire them out and help you have less work on your hands, you’re mistaken. They’re just going to have sore muscles at the end of the day.

A high-energy breed like GSP puppies requires longer walks. A rule states how much a puppy walks can be deciphered by using a ratio of 5 minutes of exercise and training per month of the pup’s age.

If your puppy is 3 months old, you need to walk it every day for 15 minutes. When it’s 6 months old, you should walk it for 30 minutes daily.

Can I take my GSP puppy on runs?

No, you cannot take GSP pups with you on your runs. Maybe you prefer runs and no walks. Unfortunately, you have to be considerate of the age of your dog.

If your GSP is under the age of 18 months, you should wait for it to grow older before you head for runs with it. Your pup will form its growth plates during the first 18 months of life, and taking it on runs will interfere with these growth plates and cause health issues later in its life.

Once the pup turns into an adult, it can become a great companion when you go running. You can start taking it for runs to build up its stamina. You can also go for visits to the vet to know if your GSP has any issues regarding its health.

How do I work out with my GSP puppy?

GSP dogs have a high adaptive trait and tolerance for any kind of weather. They are known as good hunting partners and excel socially in a familiar setting.

Going on a short jog or taking it on a hike will do good for you and the pup. Considering its age, you can start with short trips to the park while you meditate or exercise, having your pup play with other dogs. 

You can even go swimming with your GSP. If you cannot do this, you can start going on short walks to a puppy sitter place while you head to the gym. 

As your puppy grows older, you can start taking it for hunting and even on hikes. They are an intelligent breed that enthusiastically excels when it comes to being a pointer and retriever.

How do I train my GSP puppy?

GSPs are known to be great learners. They are usually very easy and effortless to train, so you can start with some obedience basics. With kindness, consistent training, and positive reinforcements, your puppy will learn tricks in a short time.

The breed is known for its independent thinking due to its hunting dog background, making advanced training an excellent option for your GSP pup. You can read more about activities to do with your dog before beginning search-and-rescue training as an adult.

Is it possible to over-exercise my GSP pup?

Your puppy may require exercise, but walking too much is not an option. It is harmful to a growing puppy and may affect its health as it grows older.

The best way to exercise your young pup is to engage in some playtime with other puppies the same age. But be careful and avoid bringing adult dogs around as your dog may overdo it by running around trying to keep up with them.

Is a leash compulsory for walking a GSP puppy?

Instead of a collar, you should take it on walks with a harness around its body. A leash can harmfully pull on your dog’s neck and back, but a harness is more ergonomic.

A 6-foot or shorter leash is good enough for a young pup. GSPs are good without a leash, but when you first start out, ensure you have the right equipment before going on a walk with your puppy, and you must also ensure that it is comfortable. 


When you want to start taking your GSP puppy on walks, be sure to consult a vet for some advice. You can start small, and as it turns into an adult, you can begin going on fun runs together. While enjoying the walks and runs with your little pup, remember to keep its health and comfort as a priority.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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