How High Can A GSP Jump?

German Shorthair pointers are known to be perfect hunting and hiking companions. They have a high amount of energy which makes them great at dog sports.

The breed is said to maintain a drive that is intense and strong. Their long and broad bodies give them the strength to perform well in dog shows and competitions. They are also a pretty good jumping breed.

In this article, we will be taking a look deeper into the jumping abilities of a GSP dog and other questions that follows:

  • How high should the fence be for a GPS?
  • How do I train my GSP to stop jumping?
  • Are pointers good jumpers?
  • Are German Shorthaired Pointers good guard dogs?

The GSP breed is known for its versatility and easy adaptability to various situations. They are considered one of the topmost accomplished sporting and hunting breeds globally. With a lot of energy to burn, a GSP is one athletic breed, and it can jump over a 6 ft fence without difficulty. 

How high should the fence be for a GPS?

German Shorthaired Pointers are intensively energetic dogs who prefer playtime with the leashes off. You may get tired and leave to rest as your dog stays in the yard for a while.

However, when GSPs are bored, they try to become escape artists. So to keep them inside your garden, locked away from the streets, you require a tall fence.

They can jump over a 6-foot fence easily, so something a little higher than 6-foot will do the trick. You can safely leave them alone as they play outside.

Are pointers good jumpers?

German Shorthaired Pointers are not only good jumpers; they love doing it so much that anything will go flying with them around.

A GSP is a bundle of joy and energy. They are the epitome of bounciness and will romp and jump around vigorously.

The breed is known as a highly athletic group with too much energy, and they can participate in dog jumping sports where they can jump over obstacles of even 6-foot. 

How do I train my GSP to stop jumping?

GSP dogs are cheeky little hunters, and they love to climb onto people. They may even jump on people when they’re feeling excitable.

A new person entering the premises may intrigue the dog and lead to him jumping on them, trying to get to their level. 

One way to solve this is by telling your guests beforehand to perform a specific trick where they push onto the GSP’s chest and yell “down”.

However, this behavior can only be stopped if you train your dog yourself. So try not to confuse the dog when preparing it and let it learn that jumping on people is not good and will receive punishment.

Are German Shorthaired Pointers good guard dogs?

Like how the Swiss-Army knife is an all-purpose tool, so are German Shorthaired Pointers. They are tall and have a slender build, making them an aggressive protector of a family home.

They are known as family pets, and with ample exercise and training, the dog will learn how to be a guard dog when kept on the outside.

Their athletic physique and hunting background gives them a better chance of safeguarding a home. You need not worry when your home has a German Shepherd Pointer, an excellent hunting mammal with dependable features.

What is the top speed of a GSP?

GSPs are considered very tall and have legs that are quite long. They have a lengthy background in hunting and sports capabilities which makes them notable.

Despite the clumsy and high-energy breed, they make up for it with an energetically enhanced trait. Being easily spotted by their beautiful spotted coat, these shorthairs reach up to 44 miles per hour.

If you are running, your GSP will keep up with you just fine.

Why does my GSP jump on me all the time?

As for any dog, when it gets excited to see its owner, it jumps and searches for emotional and physical affection and some contact.

The dog may be sensitive to touching and search for any type of feeling for some attention and validation. 

Even if it gets negative attention in this break, it will try to reinforce his bumping and jumping. Correct your dog by talking to it and making the right decision of reinforcing its jumping with stern scoldings.

What does it mean when a GSP licks and jumps at you?

One of the main appeasing gestures that a GSP dog will do is licking and jumping. It signals to a new person or a familiar one that the dog is no threat and likes being there.

The dog is not afraid of you as it has never met you before, so it licks you to let you know that he is not there to cause harm. 

A dog licking and jumping at its owner is a greeting that becomes ritualized as you keep seeing each other. It signifies a special bond between owner and pet. 

Should I train my GSP to jump into professional dog sports?

That is a question whose answer entirely depends on your dog and you. If your dog has the stamina, energy, and resilience to train every day, you should try professional doggy sports.

Given its health and weight is normal, an average GSP jumps as high as 4-6 feet. If they are well trained and run long enough, they will be able to jump higher and achieve medals.

Given their build and enthusiasm for athletics, they are easy to train. So you can train your GSP to perform efficiently in any sports it excels in.


Many people own German Shorthaired Pointers without knowing their full potential as pets. Though they are quite the family dog, they are natural hunters, and their sportsmanship has been intact since birth.

You need to exercise and train your dog regularly to burn off its energy and hyperactiveness. Keep your fences higher and enjoy your time with your GSP.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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