Where does your GSP sleep?

Did you just get a German Shorthaired Pointer and are wondering where to let him sleep? The breed is not small and can take up a lot of space while sleeping.

German Shorthaired Pointer is a medium to large size breed of hunting dog. They are known to be very versatile and streamlined with strong legs. They possess a strong drive to chase prey, are highly energetic, and excel in dog sports.

They are well-socialized animals and can be easily trained. They possess a boisterous affectionate character and are well suited for family life.

So begs the following questions:

  • How much sleep does a German Shorthaired Pointer need?
  • How do I make my German Shorthaired Pointer Sleep?
  • Are German Shorthaired Pointers Clingy?
  • Do German Shorthaired Pointers like to cuddle?

As they are very energetic dogs, crates are an ideal solution for them to sleep in. GSPs can sleep outside, but they need attention, so ignoring them can result in undesirable behavior such as barking, digging, and general destruction.

How much sleep does a German Shorthaired Pointer need?

Even though a German shorthaired pointer is a medium to large breed of dogs (larger breeds tend to sleep more), they do not need much sleep. They are very active, and their lifestyle reflects that.

However, good sleep is essential for their overall growth and health. A healthy GSP will likely sleep for about 6-8 hours a day. As they grow, the hours of sleep decrease as they are always alert and easily distracted.

How do I make my German Shorthaired Pointer Sleep?

An energetic dog that does not require much sleep can be a handful at times. There are, however, some methods you can implement that will ensure your loving dog sleeps well and at the right time.

Create a routine

Specific daily routines for walks, exercise/playtime, feeding, naps, and bedtimes are beneficial for the dog as they will get used to a routine and know what they should be doing.

Let your dog get used to sleeping during the day instead of during the evenings. Feeding 3-4 hours before bedtime ensures the dog’s toilet needs do not come in the way of sleep.


An hour or two of playtime or exercise before bed ensures that the dogs have exhausted their mental and physical energy and won’t wake up feeling well-rested in the middle of the night. It is important to keep the dog well exercised during the day.

Puzzle toys are a good idea to keep your dog busy and engaged. Variety in exercise is a good thing as the dog will be mentally stimulated.

Relax the dog

Ensure the dog is well relaxed before sleep. This will enable the dog to have ample time to wind down before sleep. A well relaxed and calm GSP is hard to find due to their energetic nature.

But, if you have kept your GSP stimulated mentally and physically throughout the day, you can find them relaxing in the evening.

Calming Music

Calming music has been proven to be effective in calming down dogs. The music can prevent your dog from feeling alone and help the dog rest peacefully.

Giving the dog a bed

Giving the dog a bed gives it a space that’s all it’s own and encourages them to sleep at night.   

A cushion between the ground and the dog eases the pressure on the dog’s limbs, and in case your dog has arthritis, it eases the pain.

Chew Toys

When a dog is mentally overstimulated or stressed, they release their unspent energy by chewing and destroying things. For an energetic dog, you may have trouble getting them to sleep at night. Chew toys coated with peanut butter can help soothe and relax by enabling them to chew and lick, which is a soothing process.


There are several natural sleep aids such as Melatonin that are safe and effective for dogs. However, these should be used as a last resort, and it is best to consult a veterinarian before using them.

Are German Shorthaired Pointers Clingy?

Get ready to have dog’s fur all over your clothes and furniture because your GSP is never leaving you alone! German Shorthaired Pointers do have a tendency to become velcro dogs.

A velcro dog is a term given to a dog that develops a strong sense of attachment to its owner, sometimes even to the point of being dysfunctional. A velcro dog craves attention and may suffer from anxiety if separated from its owner. It will be classified as severe anxiety syndrome if it feels anxious after a few minutes of separation.

So yes! GSPs are super clingy and can be like that all day even. You will probably have to discipline them into being alone for some time during the day.

Do German Shorthaired Pointers like to cuddle?

Of course, they do! Because GSPs love their owners so much, they can cuddle with them and sleep all day. German Shorthaired pointers love being in close contact with their owners. You can often catch them staring at you for a long time, accompanied by tail wagging, nuzzling, leaning, or licking.

In return, they expect a lot of love and attention from their owners. They are inherently very intelligent, cooperative to affectionate advances, and love to grab attention.


GSPs are people pleasers, and they want to always be around their masters. If you let them sleep outside in the kennel or anywhere else, they may start missing you at night and develop anxiety.

Yes, I agree that they can take up a lot of space while sleeping, but all are worth it because they are such loving dogs.

You can make a comfortable bed for your GSP in your room or place the crate anywhere in the house and keep your favorite toys with your dog.

I have always allowed my GSP to sleep in my room in a crate, and nothing makes them happier than sleeping with the person he loves the most in the world.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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