Best GPS For German Shorthaired Pointer

Do you want to know the best GPS for the German shorthaired pointer? If so, read below as we guide you in choosing some of the best GPS devices for your pet. 

A global Positioning System (GPS) is a device allowing you to keep track of your dog’s whereabouts. Tracking range, waterproof, size, battery life, etc., are some of the vital factors to consider before you choose one. Considering these aspects helps in better functionality and durability.

Let’s look at some of the best GPS for your German shorthaired pointer. In addition, we’ll some frequently asked questions about this device, including:

  • Does GPS work, or is it effective?
  • What factors to consider while purchasing a GPS?
  • Is microchipping a German shorthaired pointer better than GPS?

Top Five GPS for German Shorthaired Pointer

  1. FITBARK 2 – Top Pick
  2. Whistle Health & GPS+
  3. WIEZ GPS wireless Dog Fence
  4. PETFON Pet GPS Tracker
  5. PETFON Pet GPS for DogsĀ 


A GPS device with a health monitor would be marvelous, isn’t it? Well, FITBARK 2 is what you should be looking for. This product from FitBark is multifunctional and works worldwide. 

This device monitors your daily dog activity and keeps a tab on its health as well. Besides that, it covers your pet’s sleeping habits. 

It’s a versatile GPS device offering brilliant coverage along with the health insights of your dog.

Some of the highlighted features of this product are as follow:

  • It monitors your pet’s daily activity, including distance traveled, behavior, sleep habits, etc. 
  • This item is available in different sizes from XXX-S to XXX-L, making it suitable for any dog’s size. 
  • The battery life of this device can last up to six months.
  • This device is waterproof and is made of high-quality material.
  • It only requires Bluetooth for communication. 


  • It’s made of durable material that can stand underwater and on land.
  • This product comes with a one-year limited warranty.
  • This GPS device is applicable anywhere in the world.


  • This model doesn’t have real-time locating tracking.

Whistle Health & GPS+

Another brilliant product for your German shorthaired pointer is Whistle Health & GPS+.

It’s a smart collar with multiple features, including GPS tracking, health monitoring, location alert, etc. This technologically advanced device allows you to do various activities through an app. 

The app is user-friendly and is compatible with both android and iOS devices. You can create a safe zone; if your dog goes beyond that, you will receive an escape alert via the Whistle app or text. 

Here are some of the features that you can benefit from this product are:

  • It monitors your dog’s health and sends an alert if there is changed behavior.
  • Create a safe zone within a specific radius of your house and receive an alert when your pet is out of that zone.
  • A subscription fee is required, and you can pay monthly or annually. 
  • It’s a waterproof device and is made of durable material.
  • One requires wi-fi and uses AT&T’s network.
  • This device offers real-time location every fifteen seconds.


  • You will get daily updates about your dog’s activity and health updates.
  • The app is user-friendly and allows you to customize the settings.
  • It comes in multiple sizes, from XS to L.


  • This smart collar is not suitable for a dog less than 5lbs. 

WIEZ GPS wireless Dog Fence

Set a safe boundary for your pet with WIEZ GPS wireless dog fence. This device is ideal for outdoor use, with an area coverage of up to a 3281 ft. radius. 

You don’t have to stack the yard with wire, as this wireless fence with advanced features will do the job. The distance setting is adjustable along with solid warning strength.

It’s a radio-based device supported by high-quality satellites. The setting process is simple and easy to use. Additionally, the device is lightweight but unsuitable for a dog weighing less than 10lbs.

Features of WIEZ GPS wireless dog fence

  • The device can cover an area of up to 776 acres with the option to adjust distance settings. 
  • This product runs through radio frequency and is connected to twelve satellites. 
  • This device doesn’t have a transmitter and comes only with a collar receiver. 
  • It has a three-level warning offering adjustability on electric shock and vibration intensity. 


  • It has a wide coverage area allowing your dog to play safely. 
  • The setting process of this device is simple and easy.
  • This device comes with a two-year warranty period.


  • This wireless dog fence is not suitable for small yards.

PETFON Pet GPS Tracker

Wouldn’t it be excellent to have a pet GPS tracker without paying monthly fees?

Perhaps the PETFON Pet GPS tracker is what you should be looking for. This product is suitable not only for dogs but for other pets as well. 

This device has multiple features, including app control, location tracking, E-fence, etc. It comes with long battery life and is a highly durable item. 

Whether hiking or during heavy rainfall, this GPS tracker works efficiently and gives an accurate signal.

Some of the highlighted features of this product are as follow:

  • This device features a light and sound alarm, allowing you to spot your dog in a dense forest or at night. 
  • It features E-fence where you can set a safe range, and if your pet is out of that zone, you will receive an alarm signal.
  • This GPS tracker is small yet sturdy and highly resistant to wear and tear.
  • The battery life of this device can last up to sixteen hours, plus it comes with a charging box. 


  • It allows you to locate your pet’s whereabouts in real-time.
  • This product is highly durable with brilliant battery performance.


  • Compared to other GPS devices, this product is pretty expensive.

PETFON Pet GPS for Dogs 

This GPS tracker from PETFON is meant only for dogs. If you’re looking for a tracker for your German shorthaired pointer, this product is worth giving a shot.

Additionally, this model would be great if you’re on a budget. Its features include four fence modes, long-distance tracking, rainproof, etc. 

This product is lightweight, and it offers eleven LED light options. It allows you to locate your dog at night or in dark surroundings. 

Here are some of the features of this product:

  • This device features a customizable alarm tone with LED light options for easy discoverability of your dog.
  • It has a battery life of eight to sixteen hours plus comes with a portable charger box.
  • This product features four fence modes allowing you to set different safety settings.
  • It is lightweight but well-built, offering good durability.


  • It is rainproof and works even during heavy rainfalls or snows.
  • This product is versatile and multifunctional.


  • It doesn’t work while your dog is underwater or is swimming.

Factors to consider before purchasing a GPS tracker for your dog

Before buying a GPS tracker for your dog, it’s advisable to consider multiple factors to pick the right one. 

For instance, if you have a German shorthaired pointer, you need to consider the device’s size, coverage area, durability, etc. Considering these aspects will ease your task, and choose a suitable tracker for your dog.

Here are some of the crucial factors to consider while purchasing a GPS tracker for your pet:

Weight and size

Various GPS trackers or devices are available in different shapes and sizes. Some devices may weigh less, while some are more on the heavier side. Additionally, you should consider your dog’s size too. 

If you have a small breed dog, choose a tracker with a compact design that weighs less. It will help your pet to wear it with ease without feeling uncomfortable. 

Choose a pet tracker weighing less than 5lbs. for tiny dogs, while 10lbs for medium-sized dogs like German shorthaired pointers

Coverage area

One of the vital factors while purchasing a GPS tracker is its coverage area or tracking range. You should opt for a device that offers maximum coverage and good functionality.

Various tracking devices have wi-fi, Bluetooth, or cellular tracking service. Choose a tracker that offers all these features as it will help you instantly switch to the one that’s working.

Battery life

The battery is the core of a GPS tracker as it helps to keep the device running. It allows you to keep track of your dog’s location and its daily activity. 

Look for a GPS tracker with long battery life and a chargeable feature. Some products come with a portable battery charger which would be perfect if you’re hiking with your dog. 

The battery runs out soon when there is excess activity on your dog’s end. Therefore, it’s essential to consider the battery life while looking for a GPS tracker.


You will find GPS trackers with different features from various manufacturers. The price range also varies; while some are expensive, some trackers are cheap.

You should opt for a tracker that has a good durability factor. Choose a device made of high-quality material, shock resistant, waterproof, etc. It would also be helpful if you check the reviews of other users to give an idea about the product.

Undeniably, expensive GPS trackers have more features and better quality-wise. And if budget isn’t an issue, you can go for the expensive ones. It’s a good investment as it offers longevity along with multiple features. 

Note that some devices may not be costly but offer quality service with good durable factors. It will help if you do proper research before you buy one.

Compatibility factor

Most GPS trackers connect with a companion app that helps to keep track of your dog’s activity. 

The app is installed on your phone, allowing you to monitor your pet’s daily activity. Ensure that the app is applicable on iOS and Android phones for better convenience. 

Additional features

Various GPS trackers come with multiple features, including E-fence, health monitor, companion app, etc. They are helpful both for you and your dog. 

It would be great if you looked for a tracker offering various features apart from locating your furry friend. For instance, E-fence allows you to create a virtual safe zone. And if your dog goes beyond the area, you will get an alarm on your phone.

Is GPS necessary for a German shorthaired pointer?

With news about missing dogs or being robbed, getting a GPS is necessary and a vital item for your pet. This device will keep your pet from getting lost by allowing you to locate it on time. 

German shorthaired pointer (GSP) is hyperactive, has a great hunting instinct, and is family-friendly. This breed requires daily walks and exercises along with swimming.

This dog breed requires a large space area like a farm to play around with glee. It can get quite grumpy and stubborn due to a lack of physical activity. 

GSP has a prey drive, thus running around rabbits, squirrels, and birds often crossing its boundary limit. Keeping your dog under constant supervision would be challenging as a pet parent. 

And that’s where the GPS tracker becomes a necessary item for your German shorthaired pointer. It allows you to find your dog’s location and activity in real-time.

Not only dogs, but you can put the tracker on cats too. This tracker would be beneficial if you constantly go on a hike or camping with your dog. 

Sometimes your dog may get curious and wanders into the forest. Since it is unfamiliar with the surroundings, your furry friend may get lost. 

Without a tracker, searching your dog in dense forests would be difficult. But, if your dog has a GPS device on it, you will be able to locate its location. 

What are the good and bad aspects of GPS for dogs?

GPS tracker has a fair share of pros and cons. Not everything is perfect and bound to have some drawbacks too. This tracker has several advantages for your dog, with safety being the prime factor. 

This device attached to your pet’s collar offers assurance that your furry friend is safe and sound. Moreover, you don’t have to monitor them 24/7 as GPS will do the work on your behalf. 

However, you should note that GPS technology suffers signal issues. It requires a minimum of four satellites to get accurate location or positioning. Some hurdles that disrupt the signal connections are storms, trees, and high walls. 

This device is also pretty expensive, especially with multiple and advanced technological features. Low-cost GPS trackers mostly have limited features and are low-quality. 

Regardless, it has multiple good aspects outweighing the cons. If your dog is super active and loves to explore, it would be best to buy a GPS tracker. It will keep your mind at ease and receives an escape alarm when your pet is out of the safe zone.

Is microchipping a German shorthaired pointer better than GPS?

Before we delve into which tracking method is better, let’s understand what microchipping is. 

A microchip is a radio-based tracking device and tiny in size, almost like a grain. This chip has a unique identification number and is injected into your pet’s shoulder blades. 

It’s done by a veterinarian and is registered with a pet recovery database. Registering is vital as it helps you find your dog’s location.

Suppose you lost your dog and a stranger found it. The one who found it will probably take it to a shelter or a veterinary clinic. Most dog shelters and clinics have machines to scan the microchip. 

The staff will scan your dog and obtain its unique ID number. After obtaining the personal data about your pet, they will call you and inform you about your dog’s location.

 Now, the question is- which tracking method is better? Well, both have their pros and cons. Various factors must be considered before deciding whether a GPS or a microchip is better. 

In this case, a GPS tracker seems a better option for a German shorthaired pointer. It’s more feasible as it lets you keep a tab on its current location. This breed prefers to stay outdoors and loves to catch squirrels or other prey. 

A GPS device will keep you updated about its activity and where it’s currently playing around. If you microchip your dog, you would not immediately get information about its activity and location.

While microchipping has a good resistance against water since it’s injected under the skin, locating your dog can be tedious. Note that microchipping is not painful and doesn’t take more than five minutes to do it. 

And this chip can last for more than twenty years, which is more than a dog’s lifespan! 

Microchipping is good for super energetic dog breeds like German shorthaired pointers. Since it loves to play around, it will fall if a GPS tracker is not attached correctly and firmly. 

But with a microchip, it’s forever implanted and will last for a long time. This factor gives an edge over the GPS tracker. However, considering the overall aspects, GPS offers more flexibility and convenience. 

Both GPS and microchipping have a fair amount of good and bad aspects. A GPS tracker would be better if you live with your dog on a large property or space. The choice lies in you eventually. 

Why should you track your dog’s position?

Being a pet owner comes with multiple responsibilities, including monitoring daily activity, especially for puppies. Young ones are hyperactive and love to explore their surroundings. 

One cannot stay with its furry friend 24/7 and keep checking on it. Fortunately, a GPS tracker comes to the fore to ease your burden. 

Check out some of the reasons to keep a GPS tracker on your dog:

Keeps a tab of your pet

Attaching a GPS tracker to a dog’s neck lets you track its current position. And it’s pretty helpful if you have a large yard or property. Even better, if you go on hikes or camping with your dog. 

It may not get lost but leaves you at ease, ensuring your pet is safe and away from danger. 

Tracking your dog’s activity level

Most GPS devices have additional features, including health monitors and sleep habits. It keeps a tab on your dog’s daily physical activity and gives you an update about its health condition. 

Tracking features are an excellent addition as it keeps your dog fit and healthy. It also helps you to keep an update about your pet’s health condition and prevents severe illness or disease. 

Escape alarm

Most GPS trackers are designed to give you notifications anytime and anywhere. It allows you to set a virtual safety zone instead of digging a yard and building a fence around the property. 

If your dog leaves the safety zone, an alarm or a notification will be sent to your phone. It’s an excellent feature allowing you to carry on with your work without worrying about your pet.

These are some reasons to attach a GPS tracker to your dog’s collar. Supervision prevents your pet from missing and protection from a bad situation. And if you have a German shorthaired pointer, this tracker will be pretty beneficial. 

Final Thought

The fear of losing your furry friend is a nightmare for every pet parent. But, if a GPS tracker is attached to your pet, the device allows you to search your dog’s current location or its whereabouts.

Hence, getting a GPS device for your pet is a good investment as it keeps your mind at ease. Moreover, it prevents your dog from missing allowing you to find it on time and its current location.

The German shorthaired pointer is a hunting dog that falls in the medium to large category. This breed is energetic and is active both on land and water. Getting a suitable tracker compatible with your dog’s nature and surroundings will be beneficial.

As we conclude the article, we hope it was helpful and will ease your task of finding a suitable GPS tracker for your pet.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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