Bluetick Pointer Mix: What Are They Like?

Do you wonder if the Bluetick Pointer mix is the right furry friend for you? Are you looking for an intelligent, agile, and highly-energetic breed? If yes, then a Bluetick Pointer mix surely is the one for you! 

The designer breed is loved by hunters and sporting dog enthusiasts who aren’t only looking for a smart dog but an active companion. This breed is always on the move and will remain loyal to its master. 

If you are interested in this exceptional designer breed, then here are a few questions I’ll answer in this article: 

  • How does the Bluetick compare to a GSP?
  • Bluetick Pointer mix pictures.
  • How should a Bluetick Pointer mix be groomed?
  • How healthy is the Bluetick Pointer mix?

The Bluetick Pointer mix is a quick-witted, intelligent and energetic dog that harbors the exceptional hunting abilities of its parents- the Bluetick Coonhound and a German Shorthaired Pointer. This mixed breed makes great hunting companions because of its loyal nature and keen sense of smell. 

What are the similarities and differences between the Blue Tick and a GSP?

One of the biggest similarities between a Bluetick Coonhound and a GSP is their exceptional hunting abilities. Both the breeds were originally bred to hunt and have a keen sense of smell. In fact, the Bluetick is popularly known to have a “cold nose” because it can even pick up an old trail.  



The bluetick and GSP are fast runners making them good hunting partners for retrieving big game. The GSP has an average speed of about 43mph, almost the speed of the fastest dog breeds like the Greyhounds.


The two breeds will have a high energy level since they aim to run for long hours on hunting trips. Both dogs are known for their high level of energy that needs constant physical stimulation to keep them calm and composed. 


The GSP and Bluetick and high-intelligent animals with a mind of their own. Their high intelligence makes them easily trainable, but they need a strict master or trainer to show them who the boss is. With positive reinforcements, they are quick to learn and obedient. 


Both breeds have a short coat that is easy to groom and maintain. The Bluetick has a short glossy coat that needs brushing only once a week. 


Surprisingly, both breeds are highly affectionate dogs that are super friendly with strangers and kids. They love playing with kids and can keep up with the high energy levels of kids. They are friendly even towards strangers and other dogs, so you won’t have a hard time taking them around the neighborhood. 


One striking personality difference between the two is their level of alertness of watchdog abilities. The GSP is a great watchdog and will alert the masters at the sight of strangers, but the Bluetick may not do so. 

The Bluetick is also known for its loud baying that may wake the neighbors at night. Bluetick dogs need voice training early, which many novice owners may find difficult. 

The Bluetick and GSP also have distinct historical origins. The Bluetick is known to have originated in Louisiana, while the GSP originated in Germany in the 17th century and was first imported to the US in 1925. 

What does the Bluetick Pointer mix look like?

The Bluetick Pointer mix is a medium to large dog, much like the parents, with a short coat. The coat type can be either glossy or non-glossy but will come with mottled markings, much like the Bluetick. 

The Bluetick has a long and thin tail, while the GSP’s tail is shorter and pointed. The mix usually has a medium-length tail that bends upwards like the Bluetick. The ears are droopy and long like the parents. 

The Bluetick Pointer mix is a well-muscled, deep-chested, and sleek dog with long and thin legs. The coat color of the mix can be like either of the parents. 

The GSP has a solid liver or liver and white colored coat, while the Bluetick has black and blue patterns on the coat. Most of the Bluetick Pointer mix is seen to possess the mottled markings on the coat. 

What are the grooming needs of a Bluetick Pointer mix?

The Bluetick Pointer mix has minimal grooming needs, thanks to its short coat. The coat requires brushing just once or twice a week and sheds very less. 

This dog breed is hypoallergenic like the parents and is a good choice for people sensitive to dog fur. The nails need regular trimming since they are active dogs and are prone to injuries if the nails are too long. 

What are the health requirements of a Bluetick Pointer mix?

The Bluetick Pointer mix is a generally healthy dog and doesn’t have major health issues like the other breeds. One advantage of designer breeds is that they develop a healthier immune system than the original single-breed dogs. 

However, the mixed breed may be prone to bloating and stomach distension like the parents, commonly seen in deep-chested dogs. Hence, a strict and proper diet is essential, and ensure not to overfeed the dog.

Also, the mixed breed is super active and energetic, so daily physical exercise is necessary. A 30-minute walk is not enough for the breed since it needs at least an hour of rigorous running or other exercises. 

The dog may become aggressive and resort to destructive behavior if its mental and physical needs are unmet. Hence, this mixed breed dog is only for those who can make time for their pets. 


The Bluetick Pointer mix is an excellent companion dog for those looking for loyal partners in crime! They will follow you to the end of the world and even do essential tasks for you. 


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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