Why Does My German Shorthair Pointer Always Slobber?

Is your German Shorthaired Pointer slobbering frequently? Do you want to know if that’s normal? If yes, then you are at the right place! Living with GSPs for decades has given me immense knowledge of this breed, such as what’s normal or abnormal?

Now, GSPs are versatile and quick sporting dogs with high intelligence and higher energy levels. These dogs can run and play all day long without companions, even because that is what they love doing! 

Drooling is common among dog breeds, with some breeds salivating all day long. But is that the case for a GSP? Maybe not! Are you looking for answers to questions such as:

  • Do German Shorthaired Pointers drool a lot? 
  • Why does my German ShorthairPointer always slobber? 
  • What can I do to stop my GSP from slobbering? 

These questions run in the mind of every pet parent who notices excessive drooling in their dogs. There are multiple reasons why this may happen. 

Your German Shorthaired Pointer may always be slobbering because it feels stomach discomfort or suffers from a dental issue. It may also happen if your GSP is hungry, anxious, or nervous about a situation. 

GSPs have sensitive stomachs, and anything foreign or new can cause stomach problems in them. Their physical characteristics, such as their narrow chest, exacerbate this issue in GSPs.

Do German Shorthair Pointers drool a lot? 

The simple answer is a NO! There are breeds such as Saint Bernard or Mastiff that generally salivate excessively. This trait is mostly seen in dogs with short muzzles, such as a pug since the saliva gets accumulated in their mouths.

Salivating is part of the normal oral secretion system in dogs that aids in digestion and keeps the dog’s gut healthy. Hence, drooling is common among dogs but shouldn’t cross a certain threshold. 

It is not normal for breeds like the GSP to drool a lot. They have a medium-length muzzle and are active dogs, but drooling a lot is not part of their natural being. 

There are many conditions or circumstances when you see your GSP drooling, such as:

  • When your GSP spots a delicious treat and is eager to eat it, in such a case, the smell of the treat or any delicious food will make saliva drip from their mouths. 
  • When your GSP female is on heat, then there are possibilities that they will drool more. Female GSPs on heat undergo various hormonal changes in the body that can cause certain unusual behaviors such as excessive drooling.  
  • Any form of excitement can cause your GSP to salervate a lot. For example, if your GSP likes going to the park for the play, then the sight of the leash can make your GSP jump and drool out of excitement. Also, male GSPs may drool at the sight of a female GSP in heat. 
  • GSPs can also drool when they are stressed in certain situations. They may drool excessively if they are anxious, nervous, or uncomfortable. 

Why does my German Shorthair Pointer always slobber?

If your GSP is always slobbering, then here are the reasons why:

A dental disease

One of the common causes of excessive drooling in GSPs is dental disease. Oral health is very important in dogs, but most pet parents overlook this health aspect. 

A tartar build-up can cause tooth decay and other infections leading to absurd slobbering in GSPs. Your GSP may also have gum infections or if there’s an object stuck in between the teeth. 

These reasons will cause pain while chewing or swallowing the food, causing your GSP to slobber. 

Throat issues

Unable to swallow food due to throat problems is another reason your GSP may always be slobbering. If there is a tumor inside the mouth or throat/esophagus, the dog will have difficulty swallowing food. 

Such an issue will cause your GSP to drool since the food will be accumulated in the mouth. 

Stomach problems

Any discomfort in the stomach can cause a GSP to drool excessively. This is mostly seen when a dog has car sickness. Moving cars can make the dog feel nauseous and cause drooling, but this issue must stop once the dog is out of the car. 

Also, your GSP may have eaten a foreign object such as a toy or poisonous substance. Toxins in the stomach can also cause GSPs to drool; hence make sure your GSP does not wander around eating poisonous plants in the garden. 

Heat stroke

It is common among dogs to drool a lot during mid-summer when the temperatures soar very high. It is a natural mechanism for dogs to cool off the body through salivating. Heatstroke is very dangerous; hence, you should always keep fresh water near your GSP and place them under a shaded tree. 


Your GSP may drool after having a seizure. GSPs are at a high risk of having seizures due to many underlying reasons. 

Other underlying conditions

If none of the above reasons apply to your GSP, it could be because of liver disease or kidney failure. If your GSP is old, it could also be because of cancerous growth inside the mouth. 

What can I do to stop my GSP from slobbering?

The first thing is to identify what is causing the issue in your GSP. You need to take your GSP to the vet if you can. Regular brushing of the teeth is necessary to avoid any dental diseases in the future. 


Imagining a dog’s drool on your clothes or the floor can prove disgusting for some. Generally speaking, GSPs don’t slobber like other dogs; hence, if your GSP drooling a lot, then you need to get it checked. 

It is essential to prioritize your GSP’s dental health because many health complications can arise from an unhealthy mouth. Make sure to make regular trips to the vet to avoid any further complications. 


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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