How to Build a Dog Kennel (Pen) Indoors (At home)

Bringing up dogs is not as easy as one may think. And especially, if you have a German Shorthaired Pointer at home, you would want to have a separate indoor kennel for them because this dog is active! And also, with their thick and coarse hair, you don’t want their coat to mess up all the upholstery at home!

Building a kennel indoors for your pet dog is essential for their safety and discipline. If you have just brought a puppy home, then you might want to get or build a whelping box for your pup.

A whelping box is a box or shelter where puppies stay for 20 days or a month after birth. The purpose of a whelping box is to keep the puppies safe and warm and make it easier for the mother dog to nurse her pups.

You can get a whelping box quickly from the market; if not, you can build one without much effort. All you need is some plywood, a hammer, nails, and a soft blanket for your puppies to sleep in!

After 20 days in the whelping box, your puppy will need to move to a bigger shelter or kennel. Even if your dog is not a German Shorthaired Pointer, it is vital to have an indoor kennel built for your dog’s safety and well-being.

How to build an indoor kennel for your dog

Choosing the right spot

Before getting into the whole building process of an indoor kennel, it is crucial to choose the right place where you want the kennel built!

Yes. If you want to build an indoor kennel for your dog, you might want to make it spacious enough for your dog’s comfort and potty spot!

Make sure the area you have chosen has a window. You don’t want your dog deprived of vitamins and the goodness of sunlight! Also, just like humans, even dogs need fresh air!

Lastly, ensure the area where you are about to build the kennel is warm enough so that your dog can sleep warm and cozy during winters.

Keep those floors protected

Another important thing you might want to note is to prevent the floor from any damage.

Well, who knows, you might want to transfer your dog to another room anytime, or we never know when an unfortunate thing might happen to your dog. Therefore, you must take suitable precautions for your floor before building or setting up an indoor kennel.

Make sure you squeaky clean the floor and wrap plastic film all over the floor (the area where the kennel is to be built) to prevent any moisture from getting in contact with the floor, which will damage the floor over time.

Some people even spread linoleum on top of the plastic film for double protection.

Love your walls

Well, you cannot expect a dog to stay behaved all the time now, isn’t it? And if it is a German Shorthaired Pointer, your hands must already be full.

You never know when your furry pet might scratch through those walls. Therefore, ensure you firmly install wooden boards or other material boards that are durable enough to protect the walls from scratch or bang!


The next thing and one of the most crucial steps in building an indoor kennel is fencing. It is used by most dog owners worldwide and is much more durable than other material fencings, and you can purchase it online or even from the nearest shop! The best option would be to go for chain link fencing.

Besides, it makes it easier for you to see what your mischievous dog is up to!

You can also go for wood fencing, but it requires more labor, money, and time to build wood fencing.

Potty area

This is another critical setup while building an indoor kennel for your dog. The reason why you need to develop an indoor kennel is so that there is enough space for your dog’s potty area or spot.

Make sure you place your dog’s potty crate in the corner of the kennel and much away from his bed.

How important is an indoor kennel for a dog?

Well, if you’re a dog lover, this must not even be a question. Every dog needs a good shelter where it can be safe and comfortable. If you own a pet dog, especially a male GSP, you must build an indoor kennel if you still haven’t.

Once you build an indoor kennel, you don’t have to put on a leash when inside the kennel. And since the kennel will be spacious enough, your dog will play fine inside with some chew toys!

Indoor kennels keep your dog safe from harsh weather conditions. Your house will stay clean since the mischievous dog will be inside the kennel most of the day!

An indoor kennel is the best option if your dog is not so friendly with new people and is a biter.

How do you make a simple dog kennel?

The simplest way to make or build a dog kennel is to build it indoors. That way, it will consume fewer materials, time, and money of yours.

First, choose a space or room where you want to build the kennel and ensure it is spacious enough for the dog to sleep, play, and potty.

You will need fencing to cover up the remaining open space, which you can find easily in the market. All you need to do now is place your dog’s bed on one corner and his crate on the opposite side of the corner. Making an indoor kennel cannot get simpler than this!

Do dogs like their kennel indoors?

Of course! Dogs love a cozy space of their own! Their excited behavior makes one realize how much they love the space.

An indoor kennel is the best way to keep your dog safe from harsh weather conditions. Your dog will play fine inside the kennel since it’s spacious enough. Make sure you keep chewing toys inside the kennel! Once you leave them in their kennel, you no longer need to keep them on a leash.

Another great thing about an indoor kennel is that your dog can still play inside the spacious kennel even when it’s raining, or there is a storm outside. So, these indoor kennels are simply the best option for a pet dog!

What kind of material do you use for a dog kennel?

You can choose any material to build a dog kennel since there are many options. If you’re planning to build an indoor kennel for your dog, then, first of all, great thinking and great choice of yours!

Indoor kennels are the safest and most comfortable shelter owners can provide for their pet dogs. And the best part? You do not need several materials to construct a dog kennel indoors.

All you need is chain link fencing (the best of all), wooden boards to protect walls, and plastic film to protect the floors from moisture damage.

How to build a dog kennel cheaply?

Who says building a dog kennel can be too expensive? There’s no such thing as such! You can make your own kennel for your dog using cheap materials, and it’ll turn out just fine!

All you need is a chain-link fence or, if not, plastic material. First, you need to decide how big you want the kennel to be according to the size of your dog. Next, pick a spot where you want to build the kennel and start constructing the kennel.

Your affordable chain link fence should have necessary items like posts, top rails, and a small gate. And that’s it! One of the most affordable ways to build a kennel!

Is it challenging to build a dog kennel?

Once you try it out for yourself, you will realize how easy it is to build a kennel for your dog. You just need simple and affordable materials like chain-link fences, etc., which you can quickly get from the market.

All you need to do is take down the sizing of the kennel according to your dog’s size and start constructing the kennel. It will not even take half a day and finally, after the construction, seeing your dog in a safe and comfortable place makes it all worth it!


Building an indoor kennel for your dog is very simple, and it won’t consume much of your time and money. A few materials and a little of your time will keep your dog safe and happy for a very long time! You know what to do if you love your dog and care about its safety and comfort.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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