Best Pee Pads For Your GSP Puppy

What are the best pee pads for your GSP puppy? Well, in this article, we will help you find the best pads for your adorable GSP puppy that are leak-proof and overpower the odors.

Why get one? You should own a pee pad when you have a new puppy who isn’t potty trained and pees everywhere. Even older dogs who leak uncontrollably can benefit from it. They are also quite useful for medicated dogs.

Below, you’ll find the best pee pads for GSP puppies, and answer:

  • How to choose a Pee Pad for my GSP puppy?
  • How to get a GSP accustomed to puppy pads?
  • How are pee pads beneficial?

In our opinion, the best pee pad for your GSP puppy would be The Bark Potty because it stands out against other pee pads and natural grass. The Bark Potty product has no leakage problems and may be used without risk for an entire month. It can go for a month without any problems or foul odor.

Our Top Pee Pads Are:

  1. Our Top Pick – The Bark Potty
  2. AmazonBasics Pee Pads
  3. SincoPet Washable Pee Pads
  4. RUFF LIFE Pee Pads
  5. Glad Carbon Pee Pads

Our Top Pick – The Bark Potty

Like other dog potties made with grass, the Bark Potty is a dog potty made with real bark. It’s filled with natural aromas your dog may find when walking through the park. Hence, it is known by many as a ‘boxed dog park.’

It’s a great product to encourage young dogs to start training easily. It is made from organic materials and placed correctly with a mesh net. This prevents your dogs from making a mess by scratching the filled debris after they are done with their business.

What we like:

Earthy Aroma

It has an earth-like and dusty scent that’s similar to grass. The organic substances inside trigger the intrinsic desires of a dog to litter and guard its territory by marking it. Furthermore, the bark is made up of an organic and healthy batch of bacteria that breaks any bad odor, so you need not worry about the scent.

Affordable Subscription Fee

You can subscribe to the Bark Potty product, which costs less than others, at just $35.5/$45.60 for 3 months, depending on which size you choose. As it has natural materials, you will not have to clean it as it naturally replenishes. With free delivery and an eco-friendly reputation, this pee pad is the best you’ll get.

Excellent Design

When preserved, the Bark Potty will not expire or rot, unlike grass. It is designed to be placed wherever you want and at any time. The bark within is made to absorb odors, and the coating can stop leaks. It is held in place by the box structure to prevent any mess in case of accidental kicks.


  • Mesh netting secures the bark in place
  • Natural fragrance draws dogs in
  • Month-long guarantee


  • Impractical for teething pups

AmazonBasics Pee Pads

Our second pick for the best pee pads for GSP puppies is the AmazonBasics leak-proof pads. This option is entirely different from our first, the Bark Potty, when it comes to design but has similar durability. It has an absorbent center that can change liquid to gel.

The AmazonBasics Pee Pads have a leak-proof covering made with a plastic material with a surface that has a speedy-drying ability. The pads are plain but broad enough to hold liquid and prevent leakage. It’s a great purchase for new pet parents who are starting to potty train their pups.

What we like:

Flexible Convenience

The AmazonBasics puppy pee pads are well-suited for elderly dogs or dogs that are going through the process of potty training. The versatility of these pads expands to their ease of use when traveling and for use after surgery. As various sizes are available, it can be used by several GSPs, whether a small pup or a big adult. 

Intact Allurement 

The dogs are lured in by the pad because the pee pad has an attractant built within. The in-built attractant creates a unique smell that brings in pheromones, which can help your dog mark their territory there. So, the pee pads will invite your dog to do its business with a guarantee. So when nature calls, this option allows you to potty train them effectively and quickly.


The construction of the pee pad has an absorbent factor and a lining with the ability to prevent any leakages, making cleaning up easy and simple. Pick the old pad up and discard it, then you can place a new one down. Even though you make use of the pads daily, it is cost-effective and useful. 


  • 1.5 in. plastic edge minimizes leakages
  • Upper surface is quick to dry
  • Diminishes Odor


  • Uncertain of how much liquid it holds

SincoPet Washable Pee Pads

Our third option for you is something completely different from the previous two. The SincoPet pee pads are washable, unlike the disposable type pee pads both Bark Potty and AmazonBasics produce. These are pads with 4-layers knitted with a polyester layer on the outside and a central layer with high density.

Its qualities resemble that of AmazonBasics, with superior absorptive features and a leak-proof bottom. The underside contains silica gels that make it slip-resistant. It is available in various sizes to match the comfort of different-sized dogs. 

What We Like:

Slip-resistant Bottom

The pad is kept in place because the underside is made with silica gel and is designed with anti-slip. The underside of the fabric contains a lot of gel beads which help prevent the pad from slipping. Keeping the ground dry, the beads are strong enough to stick to the ground even when the dogs scratch or adjust themselves.


The SincoPet washable pads have a long lifespan and can withstand various washes. If your GSP has grown into an adult and requires a pee mat, a 36″ x41″ pad allows for incredible absorption and convenient washability. You can buy two pads and lay down one while you put the other in the wash. 

Outstanding Soaking Efficiency

The pee pad has an incredibly porous central layer that helps trap moisture and lock it with excellent efficiency. It can hold the moisture 20-30 times when nature calls and works great for dogs on medication as they tend to pee excessively. You can even use it on your bed or couch because it has a waterproof covering that shields the bottom from getting wet.


  • Rapidly traps the dampness
  • Strong due to triple-stitch
  • Numerous sizes offered


  • Pee isn’t well-contained in small-size mats 


This premium puppy pee pad is a product of the brand RUFF LIFE and does not disappoint. Starting with its sturdiness and placement, the pad is fully supported by sticky strips on each corner at the bottom to ensure it stays in place. But, users also gain the upper hand here as the feature is optional. 

Moreover, the pads are tear-resistant and composed of six different layerings, such as a quick-drying layer, odor control layer, leak prevention layer, and more, to combat the blows of any liquid substance. Rest assured, the liquid will freeze into the form of a gel. 

The pads are also available in two sizes to accommodate dogs of all sizes and ages. With extra absorbent composition, this pee pad is a definite keeper. 

What We Like:

Leak Proof and Adhesive Tabs

A comforting assurance from the RUFF LIFE pads is their ability to hold their position thanks to the adhesive tabs embedded on the pads. The pad also holds pretty well, with a capacity of around eight liquid cups without leaks. As pee enters the pad, it converts into a gel form and remains odorless without compromising stability. 

Multi-Layer Absorbency

These pads come with not just one or two layers but six protective layers to ensure maximized performance. The fabrics are soft and non-wove. The pads are extra absorbent with super-absorbent paper and macromolecule poly layer and prevent odor and overflow. This is a massive winner for not just your dog but your carpet as well. 

Pheromone Attractant

Each of these training pads comes well-equipped with a pheromone attractant, which helps in luring your dog to mind their business on the pad. This feature can also be used to direct puppies in doing their business outside during their potty training. 


  • Prevents odor
  • Great absorption with multiple layering 
  • Easy assembly and usage 


  • Not ideal for large Breeds

Glad Carbon Pee Pads

When it comes to a strongly activated carbon pad, you can trust Glad, and they passed all the tests regarding absorption, leakage, and drying trials. It is dressed in a dark gray shade that hides the pee stains well, unlike blue or white colored pee pads.

It has a distinct character in its recipe, which is charcoal, and this neutralizes the bad odor that follows after your dogs do their business. As it is unscented, it does not quite conceal the smell as other scented pee pads do. However, it does a great job compared to other activated carbon pee pads.

What We Like:

5-Layered Protection

The Glad Carbon Pee Pads contain five layered sheets to strengthen the pad’s protection from leakage. There is a polymer tissue that soaks up and traps in the liquid, while the activated carbon sheet plays the role of the odor absorbent. Furthermore, there is a super absorbent polymer tissue, a leak-resistant liner, and between them, an inner cushion. This cushion helps prevent the spreading of the dog’s pee.

Flexible Use

There are various sizes that Glad offers for dog lovers to use on their pets, small as well as big. It helps when you’re starting to train your new dog, or in the case of an older dog, you can use it for their convenience. They can even be used inside crates or beds because of their strong absorption ability. Once soiled, it can be easily cleaned and removed.

Dark Gray Shade

The gray-colored pad absorbs dog pee and the stench quite well. It works well if you live in an apartment where it’s hard to take out your GSP several times a day. It turns dark black when soiled and does not appear to have any pee stains due to its shade. As the pad helps hide the stain well, it can be used for longer.


  • Worth the price
  • Incredible smell absorption
  • Availability of various quantities


  • Slow liquid absorption

How to choose a Pee Pad for my GSP puppy?

There are various factors to consider before choosing a pee pad for your GSP puppy. Their absorption ability and odor control play a huge role. So what should you consider before purchasing any pee pads?

  • Capability of Soaking Up

Various puppy pee pads use a polymer sheet that is pressed between other layers and made to soak in liquid easily. The polymer powder changes the liquid into gel. A good pee pad will not splash around and have super absorbency abilities.

  • Scent Management

It’s well known that pee stinks, but this odor is masked if the pee pad has a layer of charcoal or a scented layer. Ones with activated carbon or charcoal have excellent absorbency. The smell absorption must be powerful if you plan to keep your pet in the house for a long time. 

  • Sizing

Making sure your pee pad’s size fits the size of your dog is a priority. Small sizes are suitable for pups, but if your GSP pup grows into an adult, you can choose pee pads that include larger dimensions. If you live in a small space, you can’t use large pads as you might accidentally kick them around or step on them. 

How to get a GSP accustomed to puppy pads?

You must understand a few things as you train your puppy to get used to pee pads. This includes:

Positive reinforcement helps

Training a puppy and treats will help you reach your goal more efficiently and quickly. If your puppy starts urinating or defecating on a pee pad, you can reinforce this behavior positively with praise and treats

Scolding does not help in training.

Sometimes frustration gets the best of us, and if our pet responds to nature’s calls in another area of the house, we yell or scold. Instead, we can clean the area and place a puppy pad on the exact spot. 

Taking them out is beneficial.

Once in a while, you can start taking them out for walks and allow them to relieve themselves in the open. Using code words such as “wee-wee” or “go,” you can teach them to start doing their business on command, which is very helpful when you’re late for work. 

How are pee pads beneficial?

The pee pads are beneficial in many ways, whether it’s a convenience they offer or help in potty training. The pros include:

  • Offers Convenience

When it comes to pee pads, you can have them anywhere you want. Instead of a long tiring trip outside, you can whip out a pad and place it on the floor, cage, or bed. In case you are disabled regarding mobility, or if you reside on the top floor, you may wish to introduce pee pads to you and your furry buddy’s life.

  • Quick Tidying-up

It works just like a baby’s diaper. Once the diaper soaks up the mess, you can take it off and easily throw it away. Similarly, the pee pads work in the same way, and it absorbs your dog’s pee and can easily be ripped out from the ground and discarded. You can even use washable ones if you prefer.

  • Favorable for any Weather

Have you ever struggled during times when your dog is scratching at the door to go out to pee, but the rain is pouring down heavily? Well, you no longer need to go for outside trips to the doggy bathroom. An indoor bathroom for your dog is made convenient with pee pads.

Wrapping Up

Pee Pads are useful for many professionals like dog trainers, in-house vets, and every other dog owner out there. These pads greatly benefit apartment dwellers with limited space and no backyard to give their pets a proper place for litter. The Bark Potty and four others take our top 5 spots because they check most of our lists.

When it comes to teaching the pup to become a potty-trained companion, the best tip we can give you is to be patient. In terms of temperament, some dogs are different from others, so you must train them accordingly. Lots of treats and praise will surely do the trick!


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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