Best Insurance For German Shorthair Pointers

Taking care of a pet comes with a lot of responsibilities, most of which you will already know if you are a dog owner. 

Most pet parents find it easiest to provide love and care because that’s what drove them to adopt dogs like German Shorthaired Pointers. But while you might be doing everything possible for the health and safety of your pet, some unexpected illnesses are just out of our control. 

This is why using the services of a pet insurance plan is one of the best things you can do for your dog. Well-planned insurance for your pet is an investment that will assist in covering the costs of all medical requirements or even accidents. 

Find out which insurance companies provide the best dog insurance plans, so you don’t have to worry about the financial part of your dog’s health.

Why Does Your German Shorthaired Pointer Need Pet Insurance?

Essentially, high costs for your dog’s health can arise unexpectedly, and it would be a relief to know that the expensive vet bills are covered. After all, you don’t want to run the risk of not having enough finances to support any emergency medical need for your pet. 

So, if you have a German Shorthaired Pointer, we suggest enrolling in any one plan from the plenty of options available today. To make things easy for you, we’ve created a list of the best dog insurance companies-

Best Insurance Providers For German Shorthaired Pointers

  1. Fetch By The Dodo – Top Pick
  2. Spot Pet Insurance
  3. Embrace Pet Insurance
  4. Pets Best
  5. Healthy Paws
  6. Eusoh 
  7. Pet Insurer

1. Fetch By The Dodo

Fetch is an insurance company that assists in dog and cat insurance without extra fees or add-ons. Any customer can cancel at any time if they no longer feel the need to continue using insurance plans.  

One benefit of using a service from this company is that they accept bills from all vet clinic consultations across the United States and Canada. This means that you can visit any vet with your German Shorthaired Pointer and the vet fees are eligible for reimbursement. 

In addition, the website features free online resources and material that explain the insurance process in detail. 


A. Comprehensive Coverage

One thing this company excels at is insuring many aspects as compared to other pet insurance companies. Here’s a list of what’s included-

  • Vet exam fees
  • Emergency vet visits
  • Breed-specific issues
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Virtual vet visits
  • Illness and injuries
  • Behavioral therapy
  • Cancer treatment 
  • Surgery and rehabilitation

In addition to this, Fetch also covers several aspects that are missed out on by other companies. For instance, all companies do not provide dental insurance for each tooth. But Fetch provides insurance against dental costs for illness as well as injury. 

Besides, online vet visits and sick visit exam fees are excluded by many companies. However, Fetch manages to include them in the basic insurance plan for all customers. 

B. Quick Reimbursement Process

With the pet insurance plans at Fetch, customers can visit any vet in the US or Canada and have the flexibility to change vets. Similarly, the insurance policy also covers unscheduled visits due to emergencies and appointments with specialists.

All you need to do is click a picture of the vet documents and invoices, along with explaining your dog’s condition in short. The back-end team will process the claim request, and your job is done at this point.

Next, the claim will soon get approved since the approval rate at Fetch is 90% of unexpected vet bills. Most cases will close fast, and the reimbursement amount should reach you within two days of sending the request. 

C. Discounted Prices

In special cases, pet owners might get complete insurance plans at lowered prices. You can check the website for what categories are included in this list. For example, if you have adopted a pet from a shelter or rescue center, you are eligible for 10% off on the insurance policy amount. 

Similarly, discounts are available for active military personnel, support and therapy pets, vet doctors, and employees. 

2. Spot Pet Insurance

This Florida-based insurance company creates plans exclusively for pets, but that’s not all. You can select breed-specific plans so that your dogs can make the most out of the policies. This flexibility is what makes their plans unique, catering to the individual needs of your pet. 

With a collective mission to help more pets lead healthier lives, the team at Spot Pet Insurance helps you with easy insurance plans. With their policies, you get customizable annual limits and reimbursement rates, along with preventive care coverage options. The company also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for pet parents who change their minds about the plan. 


A. Easy Setup And Plans

Spot plans keep your dog covered in case of any requirement for medical care, exam fees, accidents, illnesses, and emergencies. Getting started with a plan takes no time at all, and you can begin by purchasing an annual plan made carefully for your German Shorthaired Pointer. 

After which, any time you visit the vet or animal hospital for pet care services, your dog becomes eligible for reimbursements. First, you need to pay the bills for the medical services and collect the bills. Once you have all the bills collected, send them online, through the app, or via mail to Spot. 

Finally, your claim gets reviewed by the team at Spot, and you can get the reimbursement amount through a direct deposit or via check. 

B. Health Coverage Plans

Spot insurance plans for dogs include common illnesses like digestive problems and thyroid disease. The exam fee and checkup for these conditions are covered by the plans. Also, treatment for accidents like cuts, bites, broken bones, or swallowing toys is covered too. 

While other insurance plans are limited to these conditions, Spot also recognizes hereditary issues like eye disease, heart disorders, and hip dysplasia. If your dog needs care for chronic illnesses like diabetes and arthritis, rest assured that the insurance plan covers that too.

C. VetAccess Service

After the enrollment, each customer gets access to a pet telehealth helpline at all times. Often immediate access to a vet is not possible, and there may be a waitlist for an appointment. However, this company provides a readily available helpline service that assists you with pet health-related queries without having to wait for long.

Additionally, you can ask questions about behavior changes and health to an expert at no extra cost. The best part is there is no waiting period and no need to leave the comfort of your home to visit a vet’s clinic. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Eusoh

What is the oldest age at which I can enroll my dog for insurance?

Usually, it is easiest to insure a younger pet, and the insurance plans can be much cheaper too. Some companies have age restrictions, and the number of benefits will increase if the pet is older. This is also because few insurance companies are willing to cover pre-existing conditions as part of the insurance plan.

However, there are some policies that are inclusive of all dogs and pets despite their age. If you have a senior pet, you can look into the options without age restrictions.

What is a pre-existing condition, and does my dog have one?

A pre-existing condition is an illness or injury that has occurred before the start of the insurance policy. Symptoms of illnesses are also considered pre-existing conditions, and most companies do not cover these conditions. 

If your dog does not show any signs of illness or injury before enrolling in an insurance plan, it means there is no pre-existing condition. However, if the condition began before enrollment or during the waiting period, it may not be eligible for reimbursement. 

Is there a waiting period for insurance policies?

Often there is a waiting period of 15 days to a month before the insurance plan starts. Take a look at the rules of the insurance policy to check the date from which the plan becomes active. 

3. Embrace Pet Insurance

The next company we’ve shortlisted is called Embrace Pet Insurance, which helps pet owners receive up to 90% of their vet bills. This company has a high rate of paying back the insurance holders, with 92% of claims successfully paid in 2021. 

In fact, you can head to the website and compare the plans offered by Embrace with the rest of the pet insurance plans on the market. The benefit of this is that dog owners can make an informed decision about what aspects are covered by the pet insurance plans. 

Additionally, Embrace offers a non-insurance plan that assists in those conditions that are not covered by insurance plans. Besides, any details you are unsure of regarding your dog’s breed and its illnesses are explained in great detail on the Embrace website. 


A. Complete Coverage

The priority at Embrace is to ensure peace of mind for the dog owners, so they cover all possible pet health conditions in their insurance plans. They cover all types of known and unknown illnesses, along with unexpected occurrences like injuries and accidents. 

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if the cost of vet visit fees, tests, procedures, or follow-up care for ongoing treatments is high or low. All the mentioned conditions are eligible for coverage by Embrace pet insurance policies. Here’s a list of most of the conditions covered by Embrace pet insurance plans-

  • Exam and consultation fee
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Procedures and treatments
  • Emergency and specialty care
  • Surgery and hospitalization
  • Rehabilitation
  • Mobility aids
  • Dental illness up to $100/year
  • Prescribed medicines

Also, this company offers specialized plans for pets, including a dog or cat insurance plan, so that the individual requirements for all pets are met.

B. Wellness Rewards Plan

In addition to the pet insurance plans, Embrace has come up with a Wellness Rewards Plan. This is a flexible health care plan for pets that covers extra expenses that your dog might need, which aren’t covered in insurance plans.

Expenses for yearly checkups, vaccines, flea and tick preventatives, neuter or spay procedures, training, and grooming costs are included in this add-on plan. 

C. Resources And Blogs

All pet parents might not be well versed in all the small details of their dog’s needs and potential illnesses. For instance, despite being a healthy breed of dogs, German Shorthaired Pointers are susceptible to some diseases like hip dysplasia and cancer.  

Similarly, other crucial information about German Shorthaired Pointers is available on the company website, which can be a great starting point for new dog parents. This section of their website also lists all the essential things you must know before bringing a German Shorthaired Pointer home. 

4. Pets Best

The insurance plans at Pets Best are ones that you can rely on for the long term. Since its founding in 2005, this company has grown into one of the best dog insurance providers with the fastest claiming process in the industry. With flexible plans, the customers have full control over the features their pet needs.

For instance, you can customize the insurance plan to suit the requirements of your German Shorthaired Pointer with pre-existing conditions. In the same way, pet parents can do the same for dogs and cats of all breeds. Also, the payments are made directly to the vet so that you don’t have to worry about taking care of hefty bills.


A. Covers The Basics

In case of illnesses, this company offers a BestBenefit insurance plan that covers health issues like allergies, diabetes, hip dysplasia, as well as hereditary conditions. In addition to common health problems, congenital and pre-existing conditions are also eligible for health coverage. 

Also, incidents like unforeseen accidents like swallowing a toy or a broken bone due to a fall are covered. The surgeries that might be required to correct the injuries are also a part of the plan. Pet parents can select the insurance plan that works best for their dog breed with PetsBest.

Finally, pet wellness, routine exams, and care provided by the animal hospital are also included for your German Shorthaired Pointer. This feature is available as an add-on, and other expenses like vaccinations are included as a part of this policy. 

B. Guidance For Choosing The Right Insurance Plan

The makers at this company know that selecting the right insurance plan for pets isn’t easy. With this in mind, they have provided affordable options that also fit the needs of your German Shorthaired Pointer. You can personalize the plan based on the pet’s needs, the coverage provided, and other aspects.

Here are some of the things the company will help you with if you ask for a quote-

  • Plan coverage
  • Levels of coverage
  • Deductible types
  • Reimbursement details
  • Routine care coverage plans

C. 24/7 Pet Helpline

Along with pet insurance coverage, Pets Best also provides the assistance of vets around the clock. Thus, any queries you have about your German Shorthaired Pointer need not have to wait until the morning. The expert vets are available via phone, live messaging, and email to advise and guide you through questions. 

Also, since the helpline services are included with the insurance policy plans, there is no need to pay extra for pet health-related expert information.

5. Healthy Paws

If you are looking for a top-rated insurance plan for your pet, Healthy Paws might be the right pet insurance company for you. This company provides pet insurance policies for dogs and cats that covers most health issues that are personalized to the breed in question. 

Also, it helps that the team at Healthy Paws has a passion for animals, and they even have a foundation that helps homeless pets. When a pet owner gets a quote for an insurance policy, a donation is provided to make the lives of homeless dogs and cats easier.  

Besides, the claims at this company are one of the fastest, with most of the payouts being handed over in two days. This ensures that the financial burden never plays out in the minds of pet parents. 


A. Seamless Claims Process

As we mentioned earlier, this company is well known for providing claims in the shortest amount of time. In addition to that, there are no maximum annual or lifetime payouts within the insurance plan. From start to finish, the process of using the insurance policy is seamless each time you try to collect a reimbursement amount. 

You begin by selecting a policy that suits your German Shorthaired Pointer and continue to visit the vet as required afterward. After enrolling in a plan, there is a short waiting period of 15 days for illnesses and accidents and 12 months for hip dysplasia. After this time period, you are eligible to claim the bill amounts with ease.

Fortunately, there is no need to fill out long claim forms for reimbursement in dog insurance plans. A quick photograph of the vet bill uploaded on the company website is more than enough to get the pet insurance cost back. After a couple of days, you will receive a direct deposit or check for the reimbursed amount. 

Note that in a few exceptional cases wherein the bills are too high, this insurance provider can make the payment directly to the hospital.

B. Every Quote Gives Hope Program

Compassion for living beings has motivated the team at Healthy Paws to create a program called “Every Quote Gives Hope.” In this initiative, the pet insurance team adds some funds to the medical care of homeless pets each time someone asks for a quote. 

Specifically, donations are made to adoption organizations that require funds for vaccines, spaying surgeries, and medical operations. Also, every time you recommend Healthy Paws to a friend, the foundation donates $25 on your behalf to a nonprofit animal shelter. 

6. Eusoh 

One of the best companies that offer insurance coverage for a German Shorthaired Pointer is Eusoh. You’ll find this company quite unique from any other pet insurance company, mainly because of its commitment to community values. 

Basically, the makers have created an easy subscription-based system that allows pet parents to purchase pet insurance at affordable prices. Their plan allows members to share the insurance costs amongst themselves, thus building a community that assists each other.

Besides, the company Eusoh provides comprehensive coverage for German Shorthaired Pointers and other pets. With affordable pet insurance policies, dog owners can ensure their pets receive funds if the need arises one day.


A. Health Coverage

The process of reimbursements for your pet’s illness, medical, wellness, or routine care is the best of its kind with Eusoh. After joining Eusoh as a community member, your German Shorthaired Pointer can get a plan that covers most conditions that involve their health and wellness.

While there are plenty of other options around, this pet insurance company has the most comprehensive coverage of them all. Even routine checkups to the vet can be covered; thus, you can focus on caring for your pet without having to stress about money. 

Here are the things that will get reimbursed with their community plans-

  • Illness
  • Injury
  • Congenital conditions
  • Annual checkups
  • Surgeries
  • Prescribed medications
  • Cancer
  • Hereditary conditions

Apart from these conditions, you also get reimbursed for any amount spent on your dog’s alternative treatments or wellness therapies. 

B. Community Health Sharing Plan

As mentioned previously, the process of acquiring a pet insurance policy is one that you share with other pet parents. As a company, Eusoh has tried to create a network of pet parents who can assist each other in paying medical bills. Basically, all pet owners collectively pay for the medical expenses of each pet.

As you can imagine, the benefits of this system are immense, as the total cost to each community member comes down to only a few cents. The process of how this works is simple, and anyone can become a member if they have a pet.

Firstly, you’ll visit the vet as per usual and collect the medical bills. At the pet hospital or the vet, you’ll pay the price upfront but later upload the bills and invoices to the Eusoh community. Some amount of these bills are eligible for reimbursement, so you can expect to receive the amount a few weeks after uploading the bills.

Finally, the total reimbursement amount is based on the national average prices of medical services. However, there is a variance that takes into account the difference in prices across the country. 

7. Pet Insurer

The final option we’ve included in this list is the company called Pet Insurer which makes individualized efforts to know your pets. According to their policy, they provide pet parents with recommendations for the best types of plans for their dogs. If you have a German Shorthaired Pointer, the team will suggest plans best suited to a GSP.

With Pet Insurer, you get to compare all types of plans available on different websites. In short, the website searches for the most relevant policies and presents you with options.


A. Recommended Plans

German Shorthaired Pointer owners know that their dogs have specialized needs because of possible hereditary conditions. In such cases, it is crucial to get an insurance plan that includes reimbursement for genetic conditions. 

Fortunately, pet parents can enter the dog breed along with other details like dog age when asked for a recommended insurance plan. This way, all the policies relevant to your dog’s specific breed will be easily available in one location for you. You can also filter the options based on pet insurance type and budget to narrow down the results. 

Upon filtering, you can find pet insurance worth $5000 per year that can go up to an unlimited amount per year. It’s also possible to get a quote on plans even if you don’t have a pet yet. Thus, you can better prepare for the plans available before bringing your dog home. 

B. One-Stop Shop

Searching for the right insurance plans for pets is a tedious task. You have to go to each website individually and compare the plans, coverages, and costs one by one. Pet Insurer brings you all the top pet insurance companies on one website. This way, there is no need to waste time switching tabs and reading through tons of pages.

Instead, ready-made plans that suit your location, dog breed, and budget are available for quick comparisons. 

C. Happy Pet Owners

Over the past few years, this website has generated keen interest in the dog and cat owners’ community. There are plenty of positive reviews on the website that show the satisfaction of customers who use this platform. 

Usually, people appreciate how much time they save because of using the services of Pet Insurer. Others also find the website an ideal place to gather information about the latest insurance plans so that they can make informed decisions.

How To Keep Your German Shorthaired Pointer Pet In The Best Health

Investing in an insurance policy is good for incidents that are out of your control. We definitely recommend making an appropriate plan to ensure you never need to stress about finances when it comes to your dog’s health. 

Yet, there are certain strategies and pointers that you can apply to keep your German Shorthaired Pointers in top shape.

Frequent Exercise

Don’t forget that German Shorthaired Pointers are active dogs proficient in tracking paths and training. As such, a German Shorthaired Pointer is best suited to a family that takes active time seriously because they need plenty of daily exercise. 

Depending on the age and activity level of your GSP, they will need a minimum of 30-minute sessions of exercise per day. It is best to allow the dog to run freely in a large fenced area.

Proper Diet 

Since German Shorthaired Pointers are often active, they will need high-quality dry food that meets their daily nutritional needs. It is recommended to include food rich in fat and protein so that they maintain their lifestyle without getting tired. 

Otherwise, you could select a specialized formula that suits the dog’s age. 

Clean Ears Weekly

German Shorthaired Pointers have floppy ears that reduce airflow into the ear canals. Due to this, they are more prone to developing ear infections. Make it a practice to clean their ears using a few drops of ear cleansing solutions and a dry cotton ball.  

Crating At Night

Ensure to keep your dog in a crate for the night while they are young so that they get used to sleeping in one place. This is crucial for GSP dog breeds because they are inquisitive and prone to wander by nature which might lead them to stay active at night too. 

Building the practice of crating at night encourages obedience and the training to stay comfortably in the crate during sleep times. There is no need to shut the crate door when they learn that the crate is a safe place to sleep at night. This sense of safety will also help them stay healthy and sleep without stress. 

Final Words

Your German Shorthaired Pointer is a purebred dog which means they are susceptible to some genetic conditions. As you may already know, purebred dogs are more likely to fall ill from hereditary diseases than mixed-breed dogs. Thus, getting a health insurance plan for a German Shorthaired Pointer is strongly recommended. 

Although we have listed several options, we thought that the best pet insurance company of them all is Eusoh. Not only does this insurance company provide plans with good coverage for your dog, but it also gives you a like-minded community to connect with. 

That being said, we hope you can find the right insurance plan for your German Shorthaired Pointer soon enough. See you next time!


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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