How Often Should You Bathe a German Shorthaired Pointer?

Should you bathe your canines daily or a few times a week? Bathing too often or too little may prove harmful for them. But can a German Shorthaired Pointer be any different? Or do they need more baths than other breeds?

In this article, you’ll find all answers regarding:

  • The proper way to bathe your GSP
  • What to do after a bath
  • Why you should start a bath schedule for your GSP, and
  • What to do if your GSP refuses to bathe

GSPs should be bathed twice or thrice a month. They have short and almost waterproof hair, but since they’re outdoor and active dogs, they need frequent baths. If your GSP spends a lot of time outdoors and gets dirty often, you might want to bathe them now and then.

The Proper Way to Bathe Your GSP

Owning a GSP means learning everything about them, including how to integrate a proper and healthy bath routine.

Before a bath, brush your GSP’s coat well to remove excess dirt. Then you can proceed to get the water warm. Never use hot or ice-cold water to bathe your GSP or any other dog. There are high chances they will develop skin and coat issues.

Brushing Your GSP’s Coat

Start and end your GSP’s bath with a good coat brushing. Before a bath, brush your GSP’s coat, so it is free of dust/dirt and ready to take in the shampoo.

Once brushed, you will also find it easier to wet their coat. Applying shampoo will be even more effortless.

After every bath, brush your GSP’s coat in the natural direction, so it remains smooth and neat.

Shampooing Your GSP

Applying a rich amount of shampoo is the most exciting and essential part of a GSP’s bath routine. But did you know you could make it better to benefit their coat and skin?

Since a German Shorthaired Pointer needs to bathe only a few times a year, the trick to getting the most out of each bath is to shampoo twice. Use a brush or comb to apply the shampoo and reach the skin in each step.

The first shampooing should focus on removing dirt and foreign matter from the coat; you can use any pet shampoo for this. The second shampooing is essential to maintain health and appearance; you might want to use a specialty shampoo for this.

If your GSP has skin irritation or issues with coat health, you may choose a soothing shampoo with anti-itch or skin-repair properties. If not, you can make use of any good-smelling shampoos or conditioners.

Don’t Forget the Head and Face!

Once you’re done taking care of the body, proceed to the head; it is where you should pay extra attention. Look for any signs of infection or abnormalities in their eyes and ears.

Take a damp cotton bud and clean any dirt inside the ears; never go further than is visible. Also, remove the dirt and dry the ear using dry cotton instead of pushing it in. And if you notice anything that doesn’t belong, it’s best to take them to a vet.

You can wash your GSP’s eyes with plain water and remove the foreign particles. But if you want to give a proper clean, you might want to consider an eye wash.

Once you’re done taking care of the ears and eyes, wash the head while taking care not to let any enter the ears.

What to do After a Bath?

Immediately after each bath, you’ll need to care for other minor details so that your GSP is ready to return to his game.

Firstly, dry the excess water with a microfiber towel. Then, you use a hair dryer to ensure no area is left damp. Improper drying will result in a smelly coat and give way to infestation.

Then you can clip their nails, apply paw cream/balms, or spray some finishing spray to their coats. You’ll also have to ensure they don’t lick any products before they’re fully set and absorbed.

Letting your GSP’s coat air-dry will only put them at risk of having bacteria accumulated between their paws or even in their coat. Moreover, you don’t know what kind of dirt they’ll run into before their skin is dry.

Why You Should Start a Bath Schedule for Your GSP

German Shorthaired Pointers are an active and outdoor-oriented breed that regularly comes in contact with dirt. So, a proper bathing routine should be a priority when considering getting one of them.

One major issue with inadequate baths is that your GSP may suffer skin irritation, matting, and even severe health problems.

Sticking to a regular bath routine and following it will eliminate potential health issues. You’ll also be rewarded with a GSP that looks perfect and is ready to hunt down any prey.

What if Your GSP Refuses to Bathe?

Your GSP will hop into the bathtub in no time if you have a few of their favorite treats at hand. If they resist any further, you can place some on the bath mat while you clean them.

Alternatively, you might consider placing something as a cushion between the floor/bathtub. You can even make your GSP watch something on the TV to draw away their attention.

Alternatives for Baths

When you don’t have time to give your GSP a thorough bath, you can try these quick cleaning tips:

  • Use a brush to remove dirt and finish by spraying a pet deodorizing spray.
  • Dry shampoo the dirty coat. Or you can make a DIY dry shampoo using a mixture of cornstarch, baking soda, and essential oil.
  • Use cleansing wipes. These are also great to use when traveling and cannot access a bath.

The above tips are only for when you’re on a tight schedule. These simple and easy methods will help your GSP stay clean even on your busiest days. But don’t skip out on the baths.

Final Note

Now that you’ve learned all about a German Shorthaired Pointer’s bathing tips, it’s time to start following a consistent and healthy bathing routine.

Once you start doing it, you’ll be at the top of the pet grooming game. Remember to use gentle and soothing products for your GSP’s conditions and avoid shampoos that aren’t meant for pets.

Bathing a GSP can be fun, easy, and unpleasant so you can rely on simple tricks like treats or a TV show, and you’ll never have a bad bath day!


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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