Braque Francais Vs. German Shorthaired Pointer

Getting confused about whether to get a Braque Francais German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) puppy? Perhaps this comparison article will make your task easier to decide and choose one that suits your requirements. 

GSP and Braque Francais have an uncanny resemblance, however, varies in characteristics and nature. Both are excellent hunting dogs and share similar coat colors and patterns. GSP is a high-energy, anxious dog breed, while Braque Francais is easy-going, relaxed, and calm. 

This post will guide you to these dog breeds and their differences. We will also answer commonly asked questions about these breeds, including:

  • Where were these breeds originated?
  • What are the differences between GPS and Braque Francais?
  • Which breed is better to manage?

Braque Francais Vs. German Shorthaired Pointer: Which is better?

At first glance, it can be challenging to tell the difference between a GSP and Braque Francais. They share similar features and almost have the same coat color. However, these breeds have different qualities, starting from the origin. 


GSP is a purebred dog that originated from Germany, while Braque Francais is of French origin. German Shorthaired Pointer is recognized by the AKC (American Kennel Club), but the same cannot be said for Braque. 

Braque Francais is recognized by the Canadian Kennel Club and United Kennel Club (UKC) in the United States. This French breed is not as popular as GSP in North America. 

Since Braque existed in the 15th century before GSP, chances are likely that GSP might share a probable lineage with this breed. 


GSP weighs 45-75lb and can grow up to 24 inches. It has a slim head and a stronger look than the French pointer. Braque Francais weighs 38-55lb and can grow up to 27 inches.

Both are medium-large-sized dog breeds, with the French pointer having a shorter tail. Note that Braque Francais have two types: Pyrenean and Gascony. The Pyrenean type is the most popular and smaller in size. 

Coats and pattern 

Braque Francais has a white and brown coat. It has a short coat length and a rough texture. This breed doesn’t have an undercoat, and its head is usually brown. 

In contrast, GSP has various coat colors, including liver, black & white, liver & white, etc. Like the French pointer, it has a short coat length and a rough texture. 

Both have long drop ears and share almost similar patterns. It’s not surprising that most people get confused with these breeds unless you’re an expert!


Both GSP and Braque Francais are excellent hunting dogs, and that’s one of their common traits. But when you compare the personality aspects, there are vast differences. 

A GSP is super active, curious, and often nervous. This German pointer loves to explore its surroundings. They protect their owners and love from playing in the water. This breed may not be the friendliest with other dogs but bonds well with humans. 

In contrast, Braque Francais is an easy-going, chill, and super-friendly dog breed. Hence, it’s unsurprising that they don’t qualify as watchdogs or guard dogs. They are not as protective as GSP and don’t alert their owner if there is a threat. 

A GSP doesn’t like to stay alone for a long time, but for a French pointer, there is no issue. Braque Francais seems a better option if you live in an apartment or small space because of their quiet and calm nature. 

In the case of GSP, they have a high energy level and love to wander. It craves constant attention from its pet parent, unlike the French pointer. 


As mentioned earlier, both have good hunting skills. However, they follow a different method. GSP doesn’t stay closer to the gun and stays out of the range. This German pointer has an excellent smelling sense and is brilliant at blood tracking. 

Additionally, this breed has good adaptability and can adjust to any setting. Since GSP are super active, they don’t prefer staying hidden to catch prey but wander around. 

Braque Francais are usually trained to hunt silently, unlike GSP. This breed stays closer to the gun and stealthily follows its prey. Since they have shorter legs, this French pointer is often considered a slow hunter. 

Physical activity and training 

Regarding physical activities, GSP breeds require more than the French pointer. Since they are super active, it needs daily exercise to release the pent-up energy. In the case of Braque Francais, they are not as active and quite laid back. 

Regarding training, both breeds prefer positive reinforcement instead of rough handling. Early on, it can be pretty challenging to train these breeds. But with consistency, they learn the basic commands and other training aspects. 

Surprisingly, the French pointer has a longer attention span than GSP. Additionally, they don’t like loud noises; hence it’s pretty challenging while doing gunshot training. 

Which is a better breed for new or inexperienced dog owners?

Both Braque Francais and GSP are great for new or inexperienced dog owners. You can choose one depending on its nature and qualities. If you prefer a quiet and calm dog, the French pointer will be perfect, especially if you live in a small space. 

As a pet parent, you need to be consistent and patient. If you prefer a spunky, hyperactive dog, GSP will be an excellent choice. Both are easily trainable, although the initial process can be pretty challenging. 


In conclusion, both breeds are adorable and affectionate and make good companion dogs. Eventually, it depends on how you nurture them. Being a pet parent comes with multiple responsibilities. If you’re new or planning to get one, we advise you to do proper research or homework before getting one. 

Hopefully, this post was helpful and cleared your confusion between GSP and Braque Francais. Both are friendly, lovable, and love the company of their pet parents. Despite sharing similar features and coat colors, they have different personality traits. Choose one that is suitable for you and is manageable.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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