Deutsch Kurzhaar Vs. German Shorthaired Pointer

“Are Deutsch Kurzhaar and German Short Pointer (GSP) different or same?” is a common question often asked by many dog enthusiasts. If you have the same doubt, we will answer it through this post. 

Deutsch Kurhzhaar (German Shorthair) and GSP are the same breed. It’s a German hunting dog that originated in the 19th century. German Shorthaired Pointer is like the North American version or cousin of Deutsch Kurhzhaar. Regardless, both share similar characteristics and features.  

Want to know more about this breed and its history? Keep reading as we answer related questions, including:

  • How Deutsch Kurzhaar has its origin?
  • What are its nature and characteristic aspects?
  • Why does the German Shorthaired Pointer make a good hunting dog?

Deutsch Kurzhaar Vs. German Shorthaired Pointer: What you should know!

As mentioned earlier, Deutsch Kurzhaar and German Shorthaired Pointer are the same breed. Perhaps a peek into the history of this breed might be helpful. 

Between the 18th and 19th centuries, hunting became quite popular in Germany and other parts of Europe as well. This results in the need for a versatile hunting dog that will enable an efficient hunting process. 

So, the hunters breed various dog breeds to achieve their goals. No records or data show what breeds are mixed to create GSP or Deutsch Kurzhaar. But the common belief is that it results from the Old German Pointer, the English Pointer, and the Old Spanish Pointer. 

All in all, it led to the need for the creation of Klub Kurzhaar in 1870 to regulate the testing system. It ultimately led to the birth of Deutsch Kurzhaar, also known as German Short hair. 

This breed hit the American shore in 1925 when Dr. Charles Thornton imported it. He registered this breed with AKC (American Kennel Club) as German Shorthaired Pointer-Retriever but was rejected and renamed as German Shorthaired Pointer. 

Nature and characteristics of Deutsch Kurzhaar and GSP

Now that you know Deutsch Kurzhaar and GSP are the same breed, let us look at their characteristics. That way, you can decide if this dog breed is suitable for you or not. 

If you plan to get a puppy, it’s always advisable to know the nature of the dog breed. Moreover, if you’re a new pet parent, it will help to bring them up in a proper manner. 

Given below are the nature and characteristics of Deutsch Kurzhaar or German Shorthaired Pointer:


Wondering what GSP looks like? This breed mainly has a reddish brown coat with a white pattern. It has smooth and short hair with floppy ears. GSP usually falls under the medium-large size dog category. 

Female GSP weighs around 45-60 pounds, while the male counterpart weighs 55-70 pounds. The height of male GSP can grow up to 25 inches and 23 inches for the female. 


This breed has a life expectancy of 10-12 years, and if taken properly care of, it can go beyond thatUnlike other dog breeds, GSP doesn’t have complicated health issues. They suffer from common health problems like epilepsy, hip dysplasia, cancer, etc. 


This breed will be excellent if you’re looking for a dog with a good temperament. This breed is friendly, making it an excellent family dog. It’s a versatile dog with brilliant hunting skills. 

They are intelligent, affectionate, bold, and quite adventurous. This breed requires regular physical training and exercises. Lack of physical activity bores them, and they start developing negative habits. They are super active and are always enthusiastic about one thing or the other. 


Deutsch Kurzhaar or GSP has a short coat which makes grooming easier. It occasionally sheds, a natural process unless it falls more than usual. You can bathe them once or twice a week. And if it gets dirty, wipe it off with a grooming mitt. It doesn’t require high maintenance because of its short coat. 

Nutrition and diet

GSP has a good appetite and will keep eating unless we stop it. Because of this nature, pet owners often end up overfeeding the dog. It would be better to consult a veterinarian and prepare a meal plan. That way, your dog won’t face obesity issues and will maintain a balanced diet. 

Why does the German Shorthaired Pointer make a good hunting dog?

As mentioned earlier, Deutsch Kurzhaar, or GSP, was created for hunting purposes. Hence, it’s not surprising that this breed makes an excellent hunter. This breed also has good mental capacity and stamina. 

One of the aspects that makes GSP a good hunter is their eagerness to learn. They are hyperactive and strive to impress their owner. With consistent training, GSP can learn new tricks within a short span. 

Additionally, they have good tracking sense and can smell their prey immediately. GSP is a versatile hunter as it can hunt on land and water. 

Training from a young age is vital if you plan to get a GSP. Without proper training, your dog will become stubborn and develop negative behavior. So, consistent training is crucial to let your dog attain its full capability. As a pet owner, you should be patient and apply positive reinforcement. 

Although this breed has natural hunting skills, you need to hone their skill. That way, they will become disciplined and obedient. 


As we end the article, hopefully, it has answered your doubt between a GSP and Deutsch Kurzhaar. Both are the same breed sharing similar features and characteristics. The difference lies in the name as one GSP is the North American version, While Deutsch is German. 

This breed originated in the 19th century and was created for hunting purposes. Today this dog breed is not only popular as a hunting dog but is quite athletic. It has become a popular breed for dog shows. 

GSP are obedient, affectionate, and friendly, making them good companion dogs. If you are planning to get this breed, go for it! But ensure that you give them adequate physical activity and training.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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