German Shorthaired Pointer Irish Setter Mix

Are you planning to get a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) mix? If yes, this post might give you an insight into its nature and how to take care of it.

GSP and Irish Setter are dog breeds, and a hybrid of these is known as the German Shorthaired Pointer Irish Setter mix. This mixed breed has a spunky personality and is quite curious. It inherits the character of its parents, making them good hunting dogs, versatile, and family-friendly. 

Continue reading as we take a look into the aspects of this mixed breed; plus, answer some of the commonly asked questions, including:

  • Is mixed breed healthier than purebred dogs?
  • What is the difference between GSP and Irish Setter?
  • Does GSP Irish Setter make a good dog breed?

Understanding the difference between GSP and Irish Setter

Looking at the GSP and Irish Setter profiles will make understanding the differences between these breeds easier. 

GSP: is popularly known for its brilliant hunting skill and friendly nature. This breed was a renowned hunting dog in the 19th century in Germany. Besides hunting, GSP makes an ideal dog participate in dog shows. 

Irish Setter: originated in Ireland and reached the American shore in the 19th century. This breed also has good hunting skills and is high-spirited. It’s often described as one of the most beautiful dog breeds. Because of their affectionate nature, this breed is mainly used as therapy dogs in hospitals and schools. 

Take a look at their size profile and life expectancy as per the AKC( American Kennel Club):

FeaturesGSPIrish Setter
Height21-25 inches22-26 inches
Weight 55-70 lb50-70lb
Lifespan 12-14 years12-15 years

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Does GSP Irish Setter make a good dog breed?

Now that you have an idea about these two breeds, some might wonder if a hybrid of these breeds will be good or not. Be ready to be surprised when it comes to mixed-breed dogs. One can only fathom how it will turn out personality-wise or health aspects. 

Looking at the aspects of GSP and Irish Setter, they share similar traits. Some of the common personality traits are:

  • Both GSP and Irish Setter have a high prey drive. 
  • These breeds are kid-friendly and don’t like to stay alone.
  • They are highly intelligent and easy to train. 
  • They can tolerate hot weather and love to wander.
  • These breeds require regular exercise and physical activity. 
  • GSP and Irish Setter have high energy levels. 

These are some of the similarities between Irish Setter and GSP. One quality that distinguishes these two breeds is that: GSP doesn’t bark or howl often, unlike Irish Setter. 

Now the question is: do they make a good mixed breed? The answer is yes! Both shared common personality traits, resulting in a spontaneous hybrid. Plus, this mixed breed loves to garner the attention of its pet parents. 

Like their parents, this mixed breed is intelligent and easily trainable. If you plan to get this hybrid, be ready to schedule your time for your furry friend. Pet parents, in general, should give time to their dogs. 

GSP and Irish Setter share common health problems, including hip dysplasia and autoimmune thyroiditis. So, expect their hybrid to have similar health issues. 

Overall, the GSP Irish Setter mix is a family-friendly dog known to have spunky nature. It requires regular exercise and physical activity. 

Is mixed breed healthier than purebred dogs?

There has been an old age debate about which dog is better: Mixed or Purebred! According to AKC, there is no definite answer but to do better homework before getting one. If you look for the answer online, expect different responses from various experts. 

Whether purebred or mixed breed, the health aspect depends on the parent. If one of the parents suffers from a genetic issue, expect the same problem in their puppies. Since there is no definite answer, the choice lies in you. 

We recommend getting puppies from ethical breeders, whether it’s purebred or mixed breed dogs. That way, you will get accurate information about the puppy and if there is any health issue.

Health issues are typical both in a mixed and purebred dog. Being a pet owner comes with added responsibilities, and you should be able to shoulder them. The fact lies in how you take care of it. 

There are no rules that purebred is better than mixed breed. Mixed breed dogs have a defined physical appearance than purebred ones. So, if you prefer a unique feature, you can opt for a hybrid dog. 

Both are equally good and adorable. It depends on what your needs and requirements are. For instance, the GSP Irish Setter mix is a perfect family dog and kid-friendly. So, if you have kids, this mixed breed would be brilliant. 

And if you don’t prefer hybrid, either opt for GSP or Irish Setter. Both make an excellent companion and family dog. Eventually, it depends on what you need. Before getting a puppy, we advise you to study the nature of the breed that you intend to get or adopt. 

It will help you understand the characteristics of the particular breed. And if you plan to get a hybrid puppy, study the nature of both the parent breed. With better research and understanding, you can bring up your furry friend in a healthy manner. 


The German Shorthaired Pointer mix has an adorable personality like its parents. They don’t like to stay alone and love the attention from their pet parents. This mixed breed dog is easy to train, highly intelligent, affectionate, and kid-friendly.

Concluding the article, we hope that it was helpful and answered your queries about this mixed breed. This breed will be brilliant if you love a bright and fun-loving dog. All you have to do is to give adequate attention, care, daily exercise, and love. That way, it doesn’t feel bored, sad, or feel neglected.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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