Best Dog Camera For GSP: Talk And Play With Your Dog When Away From Home

If your GSP gets restless or anxious while you’re away for work, then a smart pet camera is a must to remotely stay in touch.

Interacting, rewarding, and monitoring becomes easy with dog cameras that act as pet nannies in your absence. Although dogs are pretty tame but outside watchful eyes, they are the biggest and even the meanest culprits alive. They are guilty of destroying our favorite leather couches, Prada bags, and anything that seems interesting for their sharp teeth and soft fur.

So, if the shenanigans of your athletes, aka GSPs, are getting tough to handle, then these pet cameras will do the job for you. They will provide company to pets in your absence while ensuring they’re safe. 

Now, as a dog camera is a substantial investment that must be carefully made, we’re here to lend our helping hand to make sure you make a wise decision. 

4 Best Dog Cameras For GSP

  1. Petcube Bites 2 Smart Camera – Top Pick
  2. Furbo Dog Camera
  3. Dogness Pet Camera
  4. Petcube Play 2 Pet Camera
  5. Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder – Bonus Product

Hyperactive dogs like GSPs need constant monitoring and attention. If not, they get restless when their athletic bones can’t find the exclusive fun time with the usual hopping, running, and howling. Therefore, a need for a pet sitter with excellent features that can engage them all the time is necessary. 

Besides, their soft souls can become extremely lonely while you’re busy earning bucks for their tasty treats. Just do the math and see how many actual hours you spend with your dogs, and the result will be heartbreaking. 

This is where smart pet cameras help with pet-specific features, enabling you to play with your canine friend remotely. Moreover, you can easily monitor their activity with smart motion detection alerts, two-way audio, and a wide-angle camera. But obviously, finding an ideal dog camera is a tough job as there are many products in the market, making decision-making not only overwhelming but also confusing.

That’s why we’ve made this list of the best pet cameras for GSP dogs that will make your job easier. Although these pet cameras are great for GSPs, they’re remarkable for other breeds too. It doesn’t matter if you have a husky or chihuahua; these cameras will do a fantastic job monitoring these furry creatures.

1. Petcube Bites 2 Smart Camera

Our first recommendation for constant surveillance of naughty GSPs, spitzes, and other pooches is this Petcube Bites 2 Smart Camera. With its sleek design, 160° wide‑angle view, 2.4 GHz and 5GHz WiFi, four-microphone array, and a built-in Alexa, this pet camera is a must for your smart home. If you never want to miss anything your pet does, having this smart pet camera is an absolute must. 

It will provide ease of mind and make pet care a breeze, with Alexa as your pet assistant. The 1080p HD camera with night vision capabilities and two-way audio will relay the activities of pets in your absence so that you can prevent their anxious behavior. Moreover, you can also fling treats with a command as this smart camera is a smart nanny as well! 


This pet camera is a little expensive, which is understandable as it comes with various handy features.


The Petcube Bites 2 smart camera is great for pet owners who are out for work most of the time and can’t spend exclusive time with their furry friends. Its wide-angle lens, two-way audio, smart speaker capabilities, and treat dispenser features are remarkable for taking care of your pet remotely.

2. Furbo Dog Camera

Want to monitor your hyperactive GSP? This Furbo Dog Camera will do a remarkable job with its two-way audio capabilities, 360° rotating view, and HD interactive pet camera. As a pet nanny, it tosses treats to ensure they’re well rewarded or even distracted from their mischievous activities. Meanwhile, as a strict mentor, it tracks your dog when they’re out of its field with its auto dog tracking capabilities. 

It also sends real-time smart alerts directly to your device if the dog is barking. If you’ve also subscribed to Furbo Dog Nanny, then you can receive updates like dog activity alerts, person alerts, smoke alarm alerts, etc., directly on the phone. So, if you don’t want to miss your dog’s moments or have any blind spots, then this smart camera cum mentor is a must-have.


It doesn’t move around with dogs and only tracks their movement in a stationary motion. 


Furbo Smart Dog Camera has saved the lives of many dogs in emergencies with its smart alert capabilities, and you can hear many such stories by reading customer reviews. So, if you have a baby pup at home and want to ensure its safety, then its treat dispenser, color night vision, and motion sensor will ensure dog safety. 

3. Dogness Pet Camera

The Dogness Pet Camera will add to the security of your home and pets. With this, you can never miss out on the precious moments of your dog as it captures everything with its wide-angle HD camera having night vision capabilities. Its motion sensor can detect the movement of your pet, and you can remotely stay in touch with them via two-way audio. 

Remotely hearing and talking to pets becomes a breeze with this smart camera which makes video recording and sharing a fun task. You can also reward your dog’s good behavior with its fun treat dispenser, which can toss treats at varying distances. So, be at ease and monitor and reward your dogs with this wireless pet camera. 


This pet camera doesn’t support 5GHz and is only compatible with one device at a time. 


The Dogness dedicated pet camera comes in three colors which can easily go with the ambiance of your home while performing the ultimate function of maintaining pet safety. When away, you can effectively dispense treats and talk to your beloved pet, which can soothe their heart if they’re prone to extreme anxiety. 

4. Petcube Play 2 Pet Camera

Petcube products never cease to amaze us or our pets with their amazing features. This Petcube Play 2 Pet Camera is no different as you can maintain pet security, monitor their activity, and chat with them remotely. But that’s not all; this device ensures your pet is entertained and works its limbs while you’re out for work. 

Its pet-specific features include a built-in safe pet laser toy that can be remotely controlled through a smartphone, and you can use it to play with your fur kid. If you’re too busy, you can also set it to autoplay which will keep the balls of energy entertained. Moreover, it comes with Alexa compatibility, which can act as a constant pet assistant and play your dog’s favorite melodies.


This pet camera doesn’t feature an automatic pet dispenser. 


Dogs become restless, anxious, and even irritated when they don’t get their dose of attention and fun time, but this pet camera ensures this doesn’t happen. It provides a laser toy with which your dogs can hop around and play while you can monitor their activity and get real-time sound and motion alerts. 

Bonus Product

Not everyone is cool with spending lots on pet cameras. Besides, pet care is no joke as the monthly budget can go over and above just in a matter of seconds. So, if a camera recorder isn’t something you require and a decent food dispenser with recorded audio features seems like a good investment, then continue ahead with our bonus product.

We especially bring this affordable recommendation for those who are in a pinch yet want to ensure their pets are well fed and looked after. So, let’s dive straight into our bonus product! 

Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder

You can now program and easily monitor the feeding time of your dog with the Voluas Automatic Pet Feeder. It comes in three color options and two sizes which you can select according to the appetite of the dog and your own convenience. 

Moreover, this pet feeder also features voice recorder capabilities whereby you can record a 10-seconds audio clip which can act as a customized meal call for your furry friend. Its high-capacity food storage ensures your pets are well fed while making sure it doesn’t go stale, gain moisture, get mold or odor, and maintain freshness with its desiccant bag. 


It doesn’t come with feeding instructions, and you have to decide the portions yourself, which can be a hassle. 


This pet feeder is extremely easy to operate and a good value addition to your smart home. If you keep forgetting to feed your pet, then the automatic meal times and portions set on the feeder ensure your furry friends are well-fed at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions

Got some questions regarding pet cameras? Rest assured, as you aren’t the only one. We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dog cameras, their usage, and other general information about them below.

1. What are pet cameras?

A pet camera is like a home security camera but with additional pet-specific features that make monitoring easy and efficient for pet owners. Features like a wide-angle lens, motion detection, night vision, treat dispenser, smart assistant, two-way audio, etc., help in surveillance of your furry friends.

2. Can I feed my dog with the Furbo dog camera?

Pet parents can easily feed their dogs and cats with the new 360° Furbo dog camera with ease. Treats which are under an inch in size, aren’t sticky or wet, or easily crumble can be used with the Furbo dog camera. We recommend using Nutro Mini Bites to feed the pup with this pet camera.

3. What pet cameras are compatible with Google Assistant or Alexa?

Petcube Play 2, Petcube Bites 2, and Furbo dog cameras are compatible with Alexa. There are other pet cameras, too, like Xiaomi 360°, CP Plus, Zebronics, etc., though they don’t have the smart features like the three we mentioned.

4. Are pet cameras safe?

There are many pet cameras available in the market which can get hacked easily once your wireless connection is invaded. However, some smart cameras like Furbo dog are perfect as they can’t be hacked easily and are extremely safe.

5. What should I look for in a pet camera?

A great pet camera should have features like a full HD wide-angle camera with color night vision, two-way audio, treat dispenser, smart assistant compatibility, motion and sound detection, etc. Also, other smart and advanced features like emergency alerts straight to the phone are great in a dog camera as they bring ease of mind to pet owners.

6. Is there a pet camera featuring a screen where my pet can see me as well?

Most pet cameras feature two-way audio and a camera only where only pet owners can see their pets while pets, on the other hand, can only hear their voices. Although it’s great for some pets, some get anxious when they only hear the voice of their pet parents and can’t find them. Therefore, the need for pet cameras like PetChatz arrive, which feature a video screen as well.

So, if you want a pet camera featuring a screen, having pet cameras like PetChatz would be great.


Traditional security cameras aren’t apt for monitoring your furry friends as they aren’t equipped with specific features that can keep them entertained while ensuring their safety. Therefore, if you are a pet parent of GSPs or any other breed, having a dog camera is necessary to see what they’re doing in your absence.

Smart devices like smart pet cameras bring ease of mind to owners and pets, especially anxious ones. Some dogs suffer from severe anxiety and get depressed in the absence of their owners, whereby they continue howling for hours.

If your dog is the same, pet cameras like Petcube Bites 2 or Furbo dog camera are best as you can remotely communicate or feed them while away from home. So, if you’ve long been searching for the best pet camera, your search ends here. 


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