Best German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

German Shorthaired Pointers are an interesting breed. They’re adorable, energetic, intelligent, and quite fun to have as a furry companion. So, we wouldn’t blame you if you’re looking for one. 

But if this is your first rodeo with this gundog, you may be looking for clues as to where you can get them. Worry not! We’re here to guide you through the world of the 8 best German Shorthaired Pointer breeders. 

Stick around and find out which breeder catches your interest. Let’s begin!

8 Best German Shorthaired Pointer Breeders

Has the German Shorthaired Pointer grown on you? If the answer is yes, here are some breeders!

Let’s begin! These reputable breeders have been involved in the GSP breeding business for years. They have an excellent experience, offering unique programs to help you find the GSP that suits you best. 

Whoa Nelly’s Kennel

Whoa Nelly’s Kennel is a great option for those interested in a dynamic and gritty breeder. The GSPs produced from the kennel are affectionate, intelligent, adventurous, and quick to learn. 

The kennel is run by a husband and wife duo, both dedicated to training and breeding some of the best GSPs. Moreover, Whoa Nelly’s Kennel provides a carefully designed environment to ensure the dogs have sufficient room to play, daily water exposure, and more. 

Additionally, through their breeding program, you can enroll your GSP for boarding, basic obedience, and hunt training. If you’re located around Odessa, MO, you can drop by Whoa Nelly’s Kennel and check out the pups or contact them through the details mentioned below. 

Where to reach Whoa Nelly’s Kennel:

Address: Odessa, MO

Contact number: 805 450-9582


E-mail: [email protected]

Grouse Point Kennels

This is a kennel located around the Rice Lake area in Wisconsin. Owner Carey McMillan owns quality and healthy GSPs, which are all registered under both NAVHDA and AKC. 

The owner generally breeds around 1-2 liters of GSPs every year. The breeder ensures potential buyers and owners that his GSPs are healthy, prepped, and trained with basic skills. Plus, Grouse Kennels aids all its buyers with various training such as hunting, gun dog practices, etc., if required by the buyer. 

Aside from the training, McMillan also offers help regarding owners wanting to enroll their GSPs through the NAVHDA or AKC hunting test programs. Other training also includes first-hunting encounters, early socialization, and more. If your eyes are set on a hunting GSP, we’re certain Grouse Kennels won’t disappoint. 

Where to reach Grouse Kennels:


E-mail: [email protected]

Contact number: +1 715-419-0060

Address: 1635 21st Ave, Rice Lake, WI 5486

Epps Kennels, California

Based in California, the Epps Kennels makes a fantastic shorthaired breeder service. It is owned by the trio Walter Epps, Mona, and Steve. They have been handling the kennel business since the early 50s and are estimated to have bred & trained over 2000 dogs. 

They also have incredible accomplishments, including over forty AKC Field Championships and 2 AKC National Championships. What makes this kennel even more impressive is its knowledge of specific behaviors of Shorthaired Pointers, including intelligence, capacity to hunt, genetics, temperament, and physiology.

As a result of their findings and interest, they serve as veteran trainers with special breeding programs to approach each dog as unique with different capabilities. 

Where to Reach Epps Kennel’s:

Contact: +1 775 354 3996


E-mail: [email protected]

Depauw Kennel, Pennsylvania

Based in Honesdale, Pennsylvania, the Depauw Kennel is the outcome of Paul and Deb Brooks’ hard labor. They are known for breeding quality, and shorthaired pointers for various activities, including attending shows, hunting, and family companions

This kennel ensures all the puppies are sold only after each receives their essential health certificates. Moreover, the dogs from Depauw Kennel always make excellent hunting dogs or show champions. 

Whether it’s a hunting dog or a new furry member, we’re confident that the Depauw Kennels will have the breed to match your needs. 

Where to reach Depaw Kennel:

Address: Honesdale, Pennsylvania

Contact number: +1 914 443 8965


E-mail: [email protected]

Legacyk German Shorthaired Pointers, MI

This kennel is based in Deerfield, MI, and is the effort and investment of Nancibeth and Steve Clements. The breeders have over a decade of experience working with GSPs, with the dogs bred to serve as either hunting or family companions. 

As per their online site, LagacyK ensures all their puppies come with good health certificates regarding hips, eyes, heart, and elbow from OFA. Additionally, the entire set of outlines is checked by vets, and receives vaccinations after birth. 

The kennel owners invite any potential GSP owners to interact with them and consider their training and fostering program. If interested, you can get through them via the contact details below. 

Where to reach Legacyk GunDogs:


E-mail: [email protected]

Contact: +1 517-403-2419 

Address: Deerfield, 435 West River St, MI 49238

Olde Ridge Kennels, Delaware

This is a GSP kennel located in the region of Dover, Delaware. The owner, Ann King-Wallace, has been continuously engaged in breeding healthy GSPs since the early ’80s. Since then, the kennel has amassed over 60 AKC champions. 

Despite the high quality of GSPs in her kennel, the owner chooses to remain humble and emphasizes the achievement that many individuals and families have found excellent companions through her service. 

Wallace’s Olde Ridge also serves excellent life and health care for all GSP puppies. The breeder wants to ensure that the puppies find a good home, and in exchange, the potential owners also gain healthy and active puppies.

Moreover, the kennel has an excellent “welcome back” policy that allows puppies or dogs to return to the kennel if the owners cannot nurture them due to unpredictable circumstances. 

This further assures Olde Ridge Kennels’s excellent involvement in their GSP pups’ lives. This makes the kennel an excellent choice for those looking to engage with a loving and reputable breeder. 

Where to reach Olde Ridge Kennels:


Address: Dover, DE 19901

E-mail: [email protected]

Willow Creek Kennels and Hunting 

Established almost a decade ago, the Willow Creek Kennels is based in Little Falls, MN. It initially began as a small kennel but later expanded into a training kennel as well. The kennel is owned and run by husband & wife Chad and Tracy Hines. 

The 266-acre farm of Willow Kennels now provides potential buyers with customized training and high-quality and healthy GSPs. The farm offers much of the open space, and freedom GSPs require to explore and master their skills and sharpen their intelligence. 

So far, the kennel has trained over a thousand dogs, thanks to the experienced trainers in Willows Kennel. Additionally, they have also earned around 60 hunter titles. Moreover, the GSP breeds produced by the kennel serve well in hunting and family companionship areas. 

With positive trading approaches, innovative experiments, and researched methods, individuals residing in MN will find great GSPs in Willow Creeks. They have healthy, well-trained GSPs backed by a professional team to help reach the dog’s true potential. 

Where to reach Willow Kennels:


Address: 22545 195th Avenue, Little Falls, MN.

Liebmeister Kennels, Alabama

The Liebmeister Kennels is based in Birmingham, Alabama. The kennel is the love and attention of the owner, Debbie King. She has bred GSPs since the late 70s. Liebmeister Kennels produces quality GSPs which is clearly observed in the kennel’s show championship legacy. 

If you’re interested in a quality GSP with good training and health, Liebmeister Kennels is a good choice. The Liebmeister dogs are adequately prepped through apt health testing and proper guidance from the breeder to aid new potential buyers. 

So, what are you getting from the Liebmeister breeders? According to Debbie’s Liebmeister online site, potential buyers will be gaining a great family furry member, an active and excellent watchdog that can learn several tricks quickly. 

The owner further reminds potential buyers to keep daily exercise in mind while adopting the puppies. 

Where to reach Liebmeister Kennels:


E-mail: [email protected]

Address: North Birmingham, Alabama 

Wrapping Up

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a breed that’s incomparable to others owing to its versatility. As much as they are great hunting buddies, they can also be good companions for a family. It’s a guaranteed fact that these fur balls will be by your side all day and ready to play or go on walks whenever you have the time.

Perhaps you’re looking for some company during afternoon walks or want to replace your old dog with a new GSP. Whatever the reason, it’s an excellent investment if you’re looking to purchase a German Shorthaired Pointer, as you will add pleasant companionship to your life.

Hopefully, the list we have provided has a breeder near you and will help in your quest to find the right hunting dog for you!

We think we will create a directory to make things easier, so stay tuned. 


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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