Your German Shorthair Pointer Survival Guide

From the breed history all the way to feeding and exercise, here is your survival guide to the German Shorthair Pointer Breed.

Thinking about getting a GSP? Or maybe you just brought home your sweet new German Shorthaired Puppy and your feeling a bit overwhelmed and are just looking for some fast facts and tips about your newest family member. This post is for you.

All instagram GSP grids in the world may get you excited about your GSP puppy, but none are answering your questions, so let’s explore all things German Short Haired Pointer! Psst! If you cant get enough of GSP’;s on Instagram, we found the BEST GSP pages to follow, check out the list here.

The German Shorthair Pointer History

German shorthaired pointer was developed and bred according to the requirement of the Germans back in the 1880s. All the Germans were just looking for was a super hunting breed that can be a good companion to them in the forest. Germans were expecting a dog that could exhibit its superb skills in hunting on both land and water. 

A long, tall, and muscular build, sharp sense of smell and super quick reflexes preferably makes the German Shorthaired pointer one of the best hunting dog breeds ever produced. The German shorthaired pointer mainly used for hunting purposes thoroughly exhibits its versatile behavior throughout its hunting adventures. 

For such exquisite qualities, the Germans also had to work on making an energetic breed. A breed that could handle all the workload, without getting excessively tired.

Such requirements were met when a cross of a Spanish Pointer was done with a Hannover Hound. It resulted in such a heavy and strong dog breed that was suggestively named German shorthaired pointer. This magnificent class displayed an extraordinary performance that varied from smelling its prey from quite a distance to becoming a right hand in hunting adventures.

How Much Do German Shorthair Pointers Weigh?

Talking in numbers, a typical male German shorthaired pointer dog can weigh up to 70 lbs while the female can be around 55-60 lbs.

How Tall Do GSP’s Get?

Their height ranges from 22-24 inches, however depending on breeding history, this could vary a bit more.

How Long Do German Shorthaired Pointers Live?

With a life expectancy of around 12-14 years, this breed can be around for a long time all things considered with a breed this size.

The Amazing German Shorthaired Pointer Sense Of Smell

German shorthaired pointers are known for their sharp sense of smell, proving to be very useful for hunters. They can smell their prey from quite a distance and inform you about all the prey of interest that can be found around you. Such a sharp nose serves as a viable source of a natural GPS that can track down any species of interest.

Elite Level Exercise Stamina

German shorthaired pointer dogs are also known for the amount of energy they possess inside them and they show a very energetic behavior that requires at least 45 minutes of an exercise session daily. They’re not just normal dogs that can hop around and play with things. These canines were specifically designed to facilitate the hunter community by playing a major part in field games. This is why they are serious runners, swimmers, and great companions for a long walk. 

To get their daily energy utilized pleasingly, giving them a good physical activity session at least twice a day is advisable. However, it can be as long as you want (obviously, not too long as German shorthaired pointers are living things as well). Still, an exercise class extending its time limit is not much of a concern for the owner of a German shorthaired pointer.

How Much Exercise Does a GSP Need?

An intense regular physical activity daily is quite a necessity for German shorthaired pointer dogs. They must have to get their time off the grid to utilize their energy positively. 

Therefore, if you cannot arrange a proper physical activity session for your German shorthaired pointer dog at least twice a day, it is better to let them become a part of regular group doggy day-care classes where staff and other doggos will thoroughly carry out their energy needs and also engage them in activities.

Are German Shorthair Pointers Smart?

Yes! GSP’s are super smart and because of their personality traits (loyalty, wanting to please, and endlessly curious) you can teach your new GSP pup all sorts of obedience, tricks, hunting and manners to help them become your new best adventure friend.

In addition to them being smart and wanting to learn, teaching your GSP is also a great way to release some of their energy, they get really excited to learn new things!

Are German Shorthaired Pointer Affectionate?

Along with showing remarkable skills in the field, the skills of a German shorthaired pointer can also be utilized as a friendly household pet, and it is a fact that these hunters are actually very friendly and interactive towards every member of the family of the owner and they spread their energy all around. 

After a long and tiring day at hunting, a German shorthaired pointer can also serve as a trustworthy household companion that can protect his owner and his loved ones from various external hazards and provide sharp overwatching skills. More on that topic here.

Are German Shorthair Pointers Good With Kids?

Yes! Your GSP will be so happy to snuggle, cuddle and play with your kids! However, due to its vigorous and rough nature, many experts advise keeping it away from children less than seven years of age or at least supervised. Not because the GSP breed is aggressive, because they are not with family. However, because of their large size and playful manner, they may be trying to “play” with your toddler and accidentally injure them.

German Shorthair Pointers Elite Athletes 

German shorthaired pointers are considered one of the finest athletic breeds that can exceptionally perform in almost every type of Dog sport. They are exceptionally known as the best all-rounders who are capable of showing outstanding results in every field. 

Some of the major excelling grounds of German shorthaired pointers include Coursing and pointing breed field trials, rally, flyball, and dock diving. Therefore it is recommended to let your German shorthaired pointer dog adapt to its favorite sport to get the best bet to utilize its packed energy.

What Health Issues Do German Shorthair Pointers Have?

Although this is a very versatile breed with a very athletic build and routine and a very less chance of getting any emergency medical condition, there is still one thing that German shorthaired pointer dog owners should know about.

Ear Health: Your GSP’s ears require a bit of extra care. Because of the deep ear canal of the GSP breed, if water gets into the deeper portion of the ear canal, it will eventually develop bacterial infections and require a medication drops to resolve it. This can be avoided by ensuring you use a clean towel after a bath, swimming or playing in the rain to wipe out and dry the inner ear canal.

Bloating: This breed can suffer abruptly from the dreaded ‘bloat.’ It is a condition in which some sorts of gases are trapped inside its stomach. It can get worse if proper exercise is being practiced in such conditions. Your dog requires proper attention and physical rest to get rid of such a situation. Therefore, proper times for meals should be adjusted to avoid such mishaps. The night time is perfect for the day’s final meal after all the activities are carried out.

Are German Shorthair Pointers Hypoallergenic?

Although German Shorthair Pointers are a short hair breed, this does reduce certain allergy properties however it does not remove them all together. Because of this, NO, German Shorthair Pointers are not Hypoallergenic.

Some tips to reduce the allergins and dander are the basics of the following care:

  • Regular Grooming
  • Bathing
  • Brushing
  • Keeping your GSP off the Bed and Furniture

Do German Shorthair Pointers Shed?

It is a breed of an average built with fairly nominal hair length spread throughout the body. However, it requires proper attention and cares for its maintenance and grooming. 

Shedding can be carried out throughout the year for German Shorthaired Pointer dogs. However, it can be seasonal as well. Shedding should be properly dealt with to avoid the maximum amount of shedding all around your base or house.

One good tip to avoid such a mess is to groom your dog regularly. It will not only eliminate the unexpected shedding from the dog but will also give your German shorthaired pointer a deep, relaxing massage and prepare it for more energetic activities. 

So, if you are planning to adopt a GSP, then be fully sure that you aren’t allergic to shedding, or else it could turn into a nightmare for you. 

Do German Shorthair Pointers Ever Calm Down?

Although your German shorthaired pointer can become a mature dog in six months, it still takes a few more years to get them fully mature and break all the chains that relate it to its puppy-hood. 

Therefore, even after being a full-grown adult, they can still act like a puppy, and they maybe would still want to play with you and hop around you. Only keep these dogs if you can match their intensity levels; otherwise, it would never be a good match. 

Wrapping Up!

German shorthaired pointer dogs can be considered as a magnificent breed that can prove their performance and capabilities off the charts.

They can be good partners in hunting sessions and great household keepers and pet dogs to play with your family. However, they require a lot of care and an athletic lifestyle.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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