Is My GSP Puppy Underweight? A Puppy Weight Guide

Worried your GSP puppy might be underweight? See other puppies and then wonder why your German Shorthaired Pointer pup is looking so skinny?

Well, let’s discuss the healthy weight of GSP puppies and when to know when you should get worried and call a professional veterinarian.


You only need to take one look at a GSP puppy to understand why this question is asked so often. I thought the same thing when I first got Hank all those years ago.

But don’t worry, while our GSP puppies might look very skinny, they’re more than likely at the correct weight for them. To reassure you some more though, I’ll dive into that a little deeper.

Why Is My GSP Puppy So Skinny?

It’s a question I’m asked all too often, and for good reason. New owners aren’t necessarily familiar with the breed’s history, so when they see such a skinny puppy they’re rightly concerned. But when they learn more about GSPs, they start to understand that it’s simply how they’re built. 

They are a lean, athletic breed, quick on their feet and originally bred for hunting, so their nimble frames are by design, not accident.

Every GSP puppy will be skinny, there’s no way around that. In fact, if your GSP puppy is looking slightly overweight, then you might be feeding them too much or not exercising them enough (remember, they were originally bred as working dogs, so they need to be kept very busy).

I suppose as an owner your primary concern is how to know when skinny becomes too skinny, so there are several basic care tips that I’ll include below to reassure you you’re doing everything right for your puppy!

GSP Puppy Healthy Weight By Age

Before I jump into this section, I just want to remind everyone that this is based on male and female GSP puppies’ average weights – and average is the important word there!

Your puppy might be slightly above or slightly below the weights listed here for different ages, but so long as your vet is happy with your puppy’s progression, you should be too. 

Just like humans, puppies will vary in their weight, so see the averages listed here as a rough guide, but not something you need to focus on too much.

If your puppy is under or over the weights listed by a significant amount and you’ve not been to see a vet lately, then consulting with a professional might benefit your puppy, just to make sure they are healthy at the weight they are. With that said, let’s look at the average weight by age:

3 Months

At 3 months old (when most people will pick up their new GSP puppy), females should weigh between 17 and 23lbs. Males are slightly heavier at between 18 and 25lb.

6 Months

Females put on weight at around 2 kg a month, and males slightly more at between 5 and 7 pounds a month. So by the time they are 6 months old, your female GSP pups should be somewhere around 32lb to 40lb, and males around 38-48lbs.

9 Months

Males again, will continue to bulk up a little quicker than females, but they will still be comparably skinny when looking at other breeds around the same age. For GSPs, though, it’s normal for females to be between 39 and 52 pounds at 9 months, and males to be between 48 and 61 pounds.

12 Months

By the time your pup is celebrating their first birthday, females will be somewhere around 41-57lbs, and males near 52 and 66 pounds.


As a side note, just to show how skinny GSPs remain throughout their adult life, females will weigh between 44 and 60lbs as an adult, and males between 55 and 70 pounds

Correct Food And Water For Them

So now we know a rough guide about weights, I wanted to draw your attention to food and hydration, because this is very important for this breed.

Having such an active dog means you need to be mindful of what they are consuming, because they will need lots of energy from food and hydration from water to keep them going throughout the day.

I wish dog food companies were easy to sum up so I could tell you exactly how much your GSP should be eating and at what age, but given the diversity in the market, that would probably take a long time. 

Instead, I’ll just say this: READ THE PACKET! I get it, it’s tiny writing, and it all sounds like gobbledygook to you, but it’s really important you get your head around this early on so you can give your pup the correct amount of food.

-its worth it

Keep up to date with your dog’s weight and change the amount of food according to the packet instructions.

Typically, its recommendations are based on the age and weight of the dog, so make sure you’re weighing out the food and giving your puppy the correct amount. Better yet, see if you can find some great quality food that’s tailored to GSPs. This will benefit them tremendously as they grow.

For water, you really just need to make sure your active pup has access to their dog bowl at all times. Dogs will drink when they are thirsty or too hot, so it’s imperative that they have constant access to it. 

A dog with as much energy as a GSP certainly needs it, because they are so active, they’ll tire and become dehydrated easily. If you notice the bowl is running low on water, just fill it up. You can’t really go wrong with water so long as you keep on top of it.

Keep Up With Vet Checks

I’ve sort of mentioned this already, but the best way to find out about healthy GSP weight is by monitoring your puppy regularly. Make sure you stick to regular vet checks so you can be confident that your GSP is at the right weight. 

Doing this is part of being a responsible pet owner, so keep up to date with your vet appointments to monitor the health, weight, and wellbeing of your puppy.

When To Seek Professional Help

If you’ve looked at all the basic care advice I’ve listed above and you’re worried about your puppy for any reason, then you should always err on the side of caution and talk to your vet.

Maybe your puppy is just naturally smaller, bigger, eats less, or eats more – but it’s always better to get it checked! 

A good way to know if your GSP needs to see a vet, is by monitoring their food and drink. If they are refusing to eat or drink at all, this is typically a sign that something isn’t quite right, so head to your vet as soon as you can.

Hopefully, this guide has reassured you that your GSP isn’t too skinny at all, but just right! If you have a reason to be concerned though, reach out to your vet and arrange an appointment – they know best after all!

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An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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