An Easy Guide To German Shorthaired Pointer Crate Size Selection

Looking to get your GSP pup a crate and not sure which size to get?

Well, as a long-time owner of German Shorthair Pointers, I have some insight on how to pick the right size crate for your GSP. Let’s talk crates!


After spending a long and tiring day, the first thing we’ll want to do is to take a good night’s rest or an undisturbed nap.

Similar to us, your pets will also want to do the same thing in such a situation, more so with your German Shorthaired Pointer. 

Sure enough, your fur friend will want to have a space of their own where they can splay out and spend time to themselves solely for sleeping and resting. 

For this reason, dog owners should provide a crate for their pets.

Beyond being a resting space, a crate also provides a comfort zone for your German Shorthaired Pointer. 

To ensure that your pet gets the space it needs, you should choose what size crate for a German Shorthaired Pointer that fits your dog best.


Considered among the most versatile sporting breeds, the German shorthaired pointer serves as a great family companion and makes for excellent hunting dogs

Compared to other Pointer breeds, this one is quite smaller, with a large muzzle, almond-shaped eyes, and a pleasing humor expression.

What makes the GSP a great pet is that they’re usually very enthusiastic, whether it be about play or work. 

Their loving personality makes them great family dogs as they are affectionate with family members and children, which, at the same time, makes them prone to depression or separation anxiety when left alone for a long time.

More than that, they’re also quick learners and not overtly stubborn, unlike other breeds. 

However, they can be fairly challenging when training since the German Shorthaired Pointers can get bored easily. They also need quite a bit of exercise, more than you may think.


There have been lots of contrasting opinions when it comes to buying crates for German Shorthaired Pointers. 

Most of these remarks consist of the fact that crates are viewed as restrictive spaces or jails for dogs and that they deserve an environment where they can be free to prance around.

While this is understandable, buying a crate doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d have to restrain or lock your dog up most of the time. 

Crates also come in handy when you need to travel by car or go hunting.

Since GSPs are intelligent hunting dogs by nature, they can experience some difficulty in household training because of random bursts of stubbornness and boredom. 

When left on their own, they might as well entertain themselves by digging around your yard or chewing different things they can find around your house.

Because of these things, crate training is necessary for GSP owners. 

More importantly, you’ll need to learn what size crate for a German Shorthaired Pointer is the best while considering the space and comfort of your dog at the same time.

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The most important measurement you’d first have to consider is your dog’s length. 

Generally, German Shorthaired Pointers are medium-sized dogs. With that in mind, here are the average and ideal sizes for this dog breed:

For Adult GSPs: A crate with dimensions of 42L x 30W x 28H inches should be sufficient for adult GSPs to sit and stand comfortably. Such crate size can already be considered a big crate.

For Puppies: If you own a GSP puppy, the size of the crate you should get will have to be based according to his growth. 

For this, it’s usually recommended that you choose a full-size crate that comes with a divider so that it’ll be more convenient for you to adjust the crate size as your puppy grows. 

Also, this proves to be cost-efficient since you won’t need to buy another one in case he outgrows his previous crate.

These are only the general sizes recommended for both adult and puppy German Shorthaired Pointers.

If you feel like your dog’s size exceeds these average dog lengths, or if you’re not sure what size to choose for a puppy, it’s always better to measure or ask for the length of its parents

However, always make sure that you opt for a crate that is not shorter than the standard length. You still have the option to adjust it longer.

By any means, the crate should have to be high enough for your dog to sit and also stand at its full enough. 

Furthermore, it should be wide and spacious enough for your German Shorthaired Pointer to turn around and also be long enough for it to stretch out or lie down.

It’s also important to take note not to buy a crate that’s too big. A crate’s purpose is to be an enclosed yet still spacious room for him to be comfortable. 

You wouldn’t want your pet to soil the place where they sleep and eat, which is why you need to purchase a crate that’s only the right size for your GSP.


If you have finally gone through what size crate for a German Shorthaired Pointer you should get, it’s now your responsibility to choose the best home for your fur friend. 

You can find various kinds of crates for dogs in pet stores, which is why it can get quite confusing to pick the best one for your pet.


Not only are they resistant and durable to chewing, but it is also a type of crate that helps train your GSP in terms of preventing its unnecessary chewing habits while still making for a cozy home.


Soft-sided Carriers are great for when you want to keep your pet contained and calm when you’re traveling. 

They also make for great spaces because of their soft dimensions. However, your dog may not like to be jostled around in a carrier all the time.


Plastic dog kennels are usually most sought-after because of their secured and compact walls.

They’re also easy to wash and clean. The only downside is that these kennels are not open for air circulation.

Nonetheless, you can go for this kind of crate when you’re traveling by car, not at your home.

If you are a hunter or consistent traveler, I highly recommend Gunner Kennels as they offer a superior crate that’s very tough and securable. Check out the specs in our review here.


There is not a one-size-fits-all crate for your German Shorthaired pointer, so it is up to your responsibility as an owner to choose a crate that can be the best comfort space for your dog. 

For this, you have to carefully consider your pet’s size, length, and how spacious the crate can be for your dog to have enough room to move around. 

Even so, make sure to choose a crate that’s not excessively big; the right crate size will not only keep your dog cozy but also help train him at the same time.


An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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