When WIll My German Shorthaired Pointer Calm Down? 5 Tips To A Relaxed GSP

Ever wonder when your crazy German Shorthaired Pointer will finally calm down? You are not alone, it’s a concern for many new GSP owners.

The German Shorthaired Pointer is a very energetic dog. These hyperactive canines like hunting and as a result, when not hunting, are looking for an energy outlet. 

Apart from being hyperactive, they like spending time with their owners. 

The German Shorthaired animal is kind and friendly, making it an ideal companion for many households.

They are capable of participating in a variety of outdoor activities. Running, jogging, strolling, and swimming are all activities that these canine companions adore.


When WIll My German Shorthaired Pointer Calm Down?

If your GSP dog is a handful, you are not alone with this concern. I’m 8 years in with my GSP, hank and he is STILL not concerned with calming down. 

If your German short-haired dog does not get enough exercise, it may attempt to scale your fence or tear apart your favorite couch.

 If the dog is not adequately controlled, it becomes very frustrating and energetic. Yes, you should be cautious since this situation may put you in the hot seat.

What’s the deal with your German Shorthaired Pointer’s hyperactivity?

The German Shorthaired Pointer looks to be an extremely active dog. As a result, they must take a daily stroll for an hour or two. 

Physical activity can assist your dogs in managing their excess energy. You may also incorporate swimming into your normal workout routine (they love to swim!). 

These exercises assist your dog in controlling its energy level or hyperactivity to a large extent.

To help your dog relax, perform exercises multiple times a day. 

Consistent training and establishing boundaries can also assist them in channeling their negative energy into more constructive outlets. 

Your dog is inherently high-energy, so calming him down will take some effort. Keeping your pet quiet might be difficult, but we have some suggestions to help you succeed. 

So, don’t be concerned and follow the advice.

A Calm Pointer?

No, they don’t exist.

Having a high-energy dog in the house is usually difficult.

These Pointer dogs, on the other hand, are not displaying greater energy with purpose, but rather natural. It’s sometimes the only outlet they have for naturally stored energy.

To burn off excess energy, a calm Pointer needs rigorous action every day. They like to cuddle to convey their feelings, and if they don’t, they aren’t feeling well.

The energy levels recharge each night, so they start the next day with plenty of energy. 

Their aggression is the consequence of a combination of excessive energy and boredom, which is not a healthy indication.

As a result, they may engage in annoying behaviors like barking, and digging holes everywhere they can.

You will have to provide them with the outlet they require.

What Age Will Your German Shorthaired Pointer Calm Down?

While your GSP will never really calm down, they will start to need less exercise around 7 years old, however, even then, your pup will still need daily exercise for a healthy lifestyle.

You might anticipate your German Pointer to quiet down around the age of two. You must remember one key fact about your dog: even when it is elderly, it does not remain completely peaceful. 

As a result, it is constantly necessary to exercise and train your dog in order to manage in some way. These techniques ease the situation to an extent. 

You will have to be patient till it reaches two years of age to settle down.

The key to success is exercise.

The pointer dog is an excellent pet that will love you and help you whenever they can. To stay calm, you must engage in regular workouts and other activities. 

As a result, they must be handled accordingly. Every day, the dog’s owner must spend or devote time exercising the dog.

What are the activities required?

You don’t know how much time you’ll need to spend with the pointer each day, so patience is the key to your success. 

Making your pointer calm does not need profound thought or the expenditure of calories. Yes, basic workouts may meet your needs.

Tossing a ball in your backyard may or may not help your pointer. This exercise does not need a lot of energy from your pointer. 

You may test them out by taking them on an hour-long run or walk. This might be useful to you.

You may even take them on bike trips if you allow your pet to run alongside you. 

If you have a nearby field or park that allows dogs, your ZGSP will NEVER get tired of a good ol game of fetch. 

Both mental and physical games

Not only do physical activities help kids stay calm, but so do cognitively engaging games. 

German pointer dogs are not as athletic as other breeds. You may use your pointer to choose games that will put them at ease and keep them busy both intellectually and physically.

Make your dogs happy and tranquil by challenging them physically and psychologically.

Fetch game may help you to manage your dog when you train your dog to run. Through the fetch game, it is simple to manage and focus on them. 

Exercising several times each day helps to relax your pointer as you think. 

Exercise routines in the morning and evening make your dog feel more comfortable and calm rather than hyperactive.

Recovery time

Allowing ample time for your dog to recover after an activity is critical. After the vigorous activity, let your dog at least thirty minutes to rest. 

Why? This approach assists your dog in positively regulating its energy without inflicting any damage. This may assist in keeping your dog’s energy in check without pushing them too far. 

If your dog follows you and looks to be panting, offer him some rest and drink.

Here’s the deal, YOU will be responsible for monitoring your GSP’s activity level. If you leave it up to your GSP, they will run themselves almost to death, I’m not kidding, most of them don’t know when to stop.

Fastest Way to Calm

While there is no magic pill to calm down a GSP, a good exercise routine in combination with brain games will keep your pup stimulated and “calm” when the activities end. 

A well-trained dog

A well-trained pointer obeys your command as best it can and remains calmer than before. An overflowing energetic pointer responds to your order if well trained.

Good control of your exuberant dog yields good results as you expect. A well-trained dog is easy to control when you let them out on a leash.

Violence is not the answer

Look, I get it, sometimes dogs can be annoying and downright frustrating, but, getting mad at your GSP for being….a GSP, is not going to solve anything and likely make things worse. 

Violence is not the solution and will never provide a positive outcome. Using expensive and heinous practices to tame your pets never works. 

Your aggression, on the other hand, may aggravate the problem. So, be patient and kind to your pet, and follow the tips for relaxing him or her.

Ways To Make Your GSP Puppy Calm Down

  • 1. Understanding of puppy’s age: You must be aware of the puppy’s age and behave accordingly. You cannot expect a tiny child to act as you like since they are not yet adults.
  • 2. Mind Games: Keeping pups’ minds as active as their bodies has positive consequences. Mental games are used to train the canines and keep them interested.
  • 3. Long-lasting Toys: To some degree, choosing toys that are durable and excite your puppy allows your dog to remain calm as you hope.
  • 4. The most important factor is experience: When opposed to a newbie, an experienced dog owner can teach the Pointer dog as intended. So, if you are a new owner it is better to consult an experienced person.
  • 5. Proper or professional exercises are inevitable: You MUST exercise your German Shorthair Pointer.

Final thoughts

The above article helps you answer your question “When Will My German Shorthaired Pointer Calm Down”.

This article guides a pet owner on training his dog on the right path to make it calm as expected. You can follow the guidelines strictly to win the situation.

You can also discuss with experienced dog trainers if you are not able to cope with your pet’s hyper behavior. You get some tips from your veterinarian for keeping your dog calm.

FYI, because of the breed, the dog will never completely calm down, although they will slow down at the age of 5-7 years, they will always be more lively than most dog breeds.

Indeed, you can be professional in calling your dog, at least to some extent. Never mistreat your pet if the degree of eagerness or energy is exceeded.

You might expect good outcomes if you train the dog in a pleasant manner. Forcing a dog will not produce beneficial outcomes, so get along with your pet.

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An Owner and a huge fan of GSP's! I have owned my GSP for 7 years now and learned so many things along the way to share with you all about German Shorthaired Pointers!

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